Valerie Aloisio

After a successful corporate career, Valerie joined the network marketing industry 17 year ago and has been a full time professional ever since.  She is one of the top female leaders in the industry and is passionate about mentoring and coaching others to success.  She is often a guest speaker at industry and networking events and is a contributing author for several publications.

Within her first year at Kannaway, she attained the prestigious rank of Platinum and sits on the company’s Advisory Council.   Her motto is to Educate, Embrace and Empower individuals to both physical and financial wellbeing through the timely launch of a new and powerful industry; and is extremely excited about creating a legacy company here at Kannaway.

Jeff Lessard

Debbie and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this amazing company. With the success I began to have from taking the Revive line sustainable hemp oils, I felt a very natural urge to share with people how powerful hemp/cbd oils were.

Our entire family is on our products in some capacity, whether it is the cbd oils or the skin care, and feeling healthier every single day. In my 20 years in network marketing, very seldom do you have what is happening right now, which is the resurgence of hemp, a company at the forefront of this movement in the MLM space and results from the products which are indisputable.

Debbie and I are extremely grateful to be a part of this amazing group. Achieving the Gold rank came because our main focus was on others’ success and not ours, and that falls in line with what Zig Ziglar always promoted “help enough other people get what they want and you will get what you want”.

Now that we have been involved, our entire family is now feeding their endocannabanoid system with the amazing Kannaway line of products and we are all sharing this discovery with others. From an opportunity standpoint, we are the category creator in the hemp/cbd space and to be compensated for helping others with their health is an awesome feeling!

Randy & Samantha Schroeder

Born in a middle class farming community in the mountain west, Randy learned early in life the values of work and entrepreneurship.

At 10 years of age, Randy was informed by his father that if he wanted to have the then fashionable bell bottom jeans, or have a ski pass, or go to the movies, these would all be dependent upon Randy’s ability to afford them with personal earnings.

Farm labor produces only minimum wages (Randy began working in the Idaho potato harvest with long hours of physically demanding labor in third grade). Randy learned almost immediately that entrepreneurship can be the answer. By age 11, Randy was a Watkins distributor, an Amway IBO, a representative of American Greeting Card Company and the American Seed Company.

Students at a local college made braided leather chokers and bracelets in shop classes. These were added to Randy’s brief case, along with decorative Avon bottle decanters which Randy gathered by knocking on doors and asking for them.

Every family within a 20 mile radius (all covered by bicycle…even in bitter cold mountain winters) became familiar with this phrase: “Hi, I am Randy Schroeder. I have a fine selection of everything, would you like to buy anything?” Many did.

Financial success, while never easy and always as result of relentless drive and a passion to succeed, came early to Randy. Though born in humble beginnings, Randy owned two airplanes by the time he reached 21 years of age…and owned over 100 franchised weight loss centers by the time he was 24 years old.

Randy’s interest in financial instruments led him to enter the financial services field. Among the trainings most loved by his audiences are his empowering and revealing discussions describing how to identify and overcome avoidance behaviors. These lessons are rooted in training Randy received while a stock broker at Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner & Smith.

The intrigue of time leverage, the fond reflections Randy had of his earliest experiences with Watkins Products (selling their spices and extracts), and his memories of explaining to people (at the ripe old age of 12) how to “make water wetter” with an Amway product called SA8, led Randy to explore anew the network marketing industry in 1990.

In the ensuing years, Randy Schroeder has become among the most successful and highly regarded figures in the direct selling industry. His career has taken him to virtually every corner of the world. The depth and breadth of his experiences are beyond compare.

Randy Schroeder has earned in excess of $1,000,000 in commissions for each of the past 24 years. Certainly this level of success and consistency is rare indeed. Randy has reached the pinnacle of success on both sides of the desk.

To equate Randy with business is to miss the essence of the person. Ask anyone who knows Randy what is most important to him; they all know. Randy’s first and foremost priority is the success of his relationships and responsibilities as a husband, father, and grandparent.

Randy believes that we are all spiritual beings, here sojourning upon earth in physical bodies. Randy is a devout Catholic, and holds strongly the view that each of us should choose our own version of spirituality, but all should, in fact, choose a version.

Recently Randy was asked to cite a favorite quote. His response was from Augustin of Hippo: “God made man for himself, and man will be restless until he rests in God.”

Dana Neubert & Mary Sides

It’s been just a couple of months now that we’ve been involved in our Kannaway business. We have an amazing opportunity to help change the quality of peoples’ lives in a positive way every day now. It is such an awesome feeling to be partnered with such amazing people and products! We use the Oils as a part of our daily routine now. We know it’s helping us and know this is something that is good for everyone. The Kannaway Corporate Team is awesome too. Lots of training tools, support, videos and so much more on the way!

Our business is growing, thriving and flourishing. Not because we are some big networkers!! No!! It’s because we are passionate about what we are doing, and when you can allow people to experience a product and feel the results for themselves, it just makes sense. The product is the big deal here. So thank you Kannaway for all that you do day in and day out to make this available for everyone to have and to share so easily!!

William Kelley

KANNAWAY has been the biggest blessing to our family and has truly shaped a lot of who we are today.

I was first introduced to the KANNAWAY products by our good friend Jeff Lessard, who cared enough about our family to reach out, knowing how I might react to the product. Until I was educated by the leaders here at KANNAWAY and researched hemp and CBD’s myself, I always thought of hemp as another word for marijuana and truly wanted nothing to do with the product.
Sharing this product with friends and family was the least I could do to start their journey to living a healthier lifestyle and pay it forward to those I really cared about.

Now when you have a product that sells itself it’s not always enough, however, when you include leadership that is committed, generous and supportive, you are destined to change lives. We wouldn’t have hit “gold” without the hard work and efforts of so many and we feel so blessed to be on this journey with all of you! Building a #Hempire takes commitment and we are committed!

Amy Goad Kaufman

I am honored and humbled to be at Silver Brand Ambassador with Kannaway.  I have always known there was something much bigger out there, that I was meant to do....At 61 years old, I have finally found my answer... my calling! It's really quite simple... with Kannaway, I can literally make a contribution to humanity! This is what brings me joy! Thank you Kannaway!

Craig Jensen

Thanks Kannaway for an opportunity that has changed the course of our future! I have been self employed for 25 years and believe, after numerous weeks of research on natural health solutions, CBD/hemp oil is the superstar. So when I learned about the opportunity with Kannaway , I realized very fast it was going to alter the course of our future. After using the products and experiencing the numerous effects it had on my health, I invested time to go to the Kannaway corporate office in San Diego. That is when the lights came on! I soon realized I had finally found that once in a lifetime opportunity that is going to impact so many people with their health and financial freedom- to not only help them to make money, but to have the freedom to enjoy their family and life without the stress and frustration of a 9-5 job.

Throughout my life I have observed many wealthy people that had big homes, nice cars, and great portfolios, but no time to enjoy the benefits of it all. They are always too busy making money vs. living a lifestyle that offers both. I believe we have just that with this company and I am very proud to work with a team of like minded entrepreneurs that are all willing to go the extra mile to help others. I also believe that is why we are seeing so many success stories with Kannaway. With the help of those on my team and the support from leaders, I believe we can all achieve great success. If we stay focused on the prize, which is helping others achieve their goals and dreams, then ours will just fall in place.

Claudia Simpson

We knew the importance of finding a company that would be professional, reliable, secure and able to expand. The product line would have to be stellar, marketable and promote wellness in a way that no one else was doing. The compensation plan would have to be equitable for all who are willing to do the daily activities required. Finally, the leadership would have to provide support, integrity and a healthy soil for growing a long-lasting business. We found Kannaway to be a perfect fit for us.

The closer we looked at the product line, the more excited we became by the history of hemp and its promising future. We were thrilled by the numerous studies and the professional way the benefits of CBD and our Bibong formula were being shared. As a health coach, I understood the importance of the circadian rhythm, the sleep-wake cycle, so vital for achieving homeostasis, weight control, and a sense of well-being so many are struggling to achieve. I have to say that even before we knew much at all about the science, we were experiencing product benefits, and we certainly didn’t fully understand the compensation plan before we were making money. We are excited to say that we’ve found our home with Kannaway.