Valerie Aloisio

After a successful corporate career, Valerie joined the network marketing industry 17 year ago and has been a full time professional ever since.  She is one of the top female leaders in the industry and is passionate about mentoring and coaching others to success.  She is often a guest speaker at industry and networking events and is a contributing author for several publications.

Within her first year at Kannaway, she attained the prestigious rank of Platinum and sits on the company’s Advisory Council.   Her motto is to Educate, Embrace and Empower individuals to both physical and financial well-being through the timely launch of a new and powerful industry; and is extremely excited about creating a legacy company here at Kannaway.

Jeff Lessard

Debbie and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this amazing company. With the success I began to have from taking the Revive line sustainable hemp oils, I felt a very natural urge to share with people how powerful hemp/cbd oils were.

Our entire family is on our products in some capacity, whether it is the cbd oils or the skin care, and feeling healthier every single day. In my 20 years in network marketing, very seldom do you have what is happening right now, which is the resurgence of hemp, a company at the forefront of this movement in the MLM space and results from the products which are indisputable.

Debbie and I are extremely grateful to be a part of this amazing group. Achieving the Gold rank came because our main focus was on others’ success and not ours, and that falls in line with what Zig Ziglar always promoted “help enough other people get what they want and you will get what you want”.

Now that we have been involved, our entire family is now feeding their endocannabanoid system with the amazing Kannaway line of products and we are all sharing this discovery with others. From an opportunity standpoint, we are the category creator in the hemp/cbd space and to be compensated for helping others with their health is an awesome feeling!

Randy & Samantha Schroeder

Born in a middle class farming community in the mountain west, Randy learned early in life the values of work and entrepreneurship.

At 10 years of age, Randy was informed by his father that if he wanted to have the then fashionable bell bottom jeans, or have a ski pass, or go to the movies, these would all be dependent upon Randy’s ability to afford them with personal earnings.

Farm labor produces only minimum wages (Randy began working in the Idaho potato harvest with long hours of physically demanding labor in third grade). Randy learned almost immediately that entrepreneurship can be the answer. By age 11, Randy was a Watkins distributor, an Amway IBO, a representative of American Greeting Card Company and the American Seed Company.

Students at a local college made braided leather chokers and bracelets in shop classes. These were added to Randy’s brief case, along with decorative Avon bottle decanters which Randy gathered by knocking on doors and asking for them.

Every family within a 20 mile radius (all covered by bicycle…even in bitter cold mountain winters) became familiar with this phrase: “Hi, I am Randy Schroeder. I have a fine selection of everything, would you like to buy anything?” Many did.

Financial success, while never easy and always as result of relentless drive and a passion to succeed, came early to Randy. Though born in humble beginnings, Randy owned two airplanes by the time he reached 21 years of age…and owned over 100 franchised weight loss centers by the time he was 24 years old.

Randy’s interest in financial instruments led him to enter the financial services field. Among the trainings most loved by his audiences are his empowering and revealing discussions describing how to identify and overcome avoidance behaviors. Estas lecciones se basan en la formación que Randy recibió mientras trabajaba como corredor de bolsa en Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner & Smith.

The intrigue of time leverage, the fond reflections Randy had of his earliest experiences with Watkins Products (selling their spices and extracts), and his memories of explaining to people (at the ripe old age of 12) how to “make water wetter” with an Amway product called SA8, led Randy to explore anew the network marketing industry in 1990.

In the ensuing years, Randy Schroeder has become among the most successful and highly regarded figures in the direct selling industry. His career has taken him to virtually every corner of the world. The depth and breadth of his experiences are beyond compare.

Randy Schroeder has earned in excess of $1,000,000 in commissions for each of the past 24 years. Certainly this level of success and consistency is rare indeed. Randy has reached the pinnacle of success on both sides of the desk.

To equate Randy with business is to miss the essence of the person. Ask anyone who knows Randy what is most important to him; they all know. Randy’s first and foremost priority is the success of his relationships and responsibilities as a husband, father, and grandparent.

Randy believes that we are all spiritual beings, here sojourning upon earth in physical bodies. Randy is a devout Catholic, and holds strongly the view that each of us should choose our own version of spirituality, but all should, in fact, choose a version.

Recently Randy was asked to cite a favorite quote. His response was from Augustin of Hippo: “God made man for himself, and man will be restless until he rests in God.”


Dana Neubert & Mary Sides

It’s been just a couple of months now that we’ve been involved in our Kannaway business. We have an amazing opportunity to help change the quality of peoples’ lives in a positive way every day now. It is such an awesome feeling to be partnered with such amazing people and products! We use the Oils as a part of our daily routine now. We know it’s helping us and know this is something that is good for everyone. The Kannaway Corporate Team is awesome too. Lots of training tools, support, videos and so much more on the way!

Our business is growing, thriving and flourishing. Not because we are some big networkers!! No!! It’s because we are passionate about what we are doing, and when you can allow people to experience a product and feel the results for themselves, it just makes sense. The product is the big deal here. So thank you Kannaway for all that you do day in and day out to make this available for everyone to have and to share so easily!!

Melissa Temple-Agosta

Melissa Temple-Agosta did not start her Network Marketing career the traditional way after being an executive in the corporate world for over 20 years.   She enrolled as a Brand Ambassador with Kannaway 2 years ago after having a profound product experience herself after some life-changing injuries.  She started sharing her experiences with others in a blog and eventually, joined Kannaway corporate as a guest blogger.  This turned into a year at the corporate office helping with operations, support and human resources, leveraging her former expertise at L'Oreal in international sales and education.

Melissa has always taken pride in helping others discover the benefits of Kannaway products and educating them to help others.  To her, it doesn't matter whose team someone is on or where they are positioned in the company.  She is open to helping cross- line partners succeed and in turn, helping Kannaway succeed, because it benefits us all!  We are a force to be reckoned with and the power we have to change lives is getting stronger every day, so she feels it is a key time at the company to experience this with more and more people around the world.

GT Richie

After 30+ years in and out of  the direct sales industry, I have finally found my home.  Kannaway is my dream come true.  To be associated with such true professionals, in an industry that is going to grow beyond comprehension, is a blessing beyond words.  While the financial benefits have been life changing, the effects of the products on people's lives is what has made the journey worth while.  I will not stop sharing the good news of modern day prohibition until we are all Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

Damien Callais

From the beginning I know something was really special about Kannaway. Initially I was excited about the timing and opportunity but it has taken on some much more meaning now. Seeing firsthand the impact we are making in the world is now what excites me most. The phone calls I get from customers and BA's just to say thanks are the best.

I really enjoy getting in the trenches with my team. There isn't a such thing as a bad team only bad leadership. So one thing I have committed to is not being a leader that tells people what to do but someone that shows them what to do.

I am really excited about the future ahead of us. Every dollar of revenue represents a live that has been impacted. So I don't take this lightly. My prediction is that Kannaway will be one of the biggest companies our industry has ever seen and we will do it on the back of the product!! Product is KING here!

Nicole Neubert

Wow what an incredible journey so far! My names Nicole Neubert, YES Dana Neubert's daughter! I started the oils a couple weeks after my Mom. She had been told about these oils and did a ton of research. If my own mother trusted in the oils I knew this was something to give a second look. Little did I know my whole life would be turned upside down.

With in the first 90 days of ingesting the oils, I lost 27lbs, and all pain had seem to be gone. That wasn’t the most amazing part though; my view of the world was transformed! It was though I had been trapped into negative thoughts. I started to realize how incredible life and people truly are. This life is about experiences and more importantly, it’s about helping others.

Kannway has given us the opportunity to transform lives. Every morning there’s a new text with an incredible testimony.

I am so honored to be apart of this movement! Thank you Kannaway for this incredible opportunity.


Bill And Susan Wilkinson

Life is a Journey. Both Susan and I are first and foremost thankful to have been introduced to Kannaway by a longtime friend and business associate Brad Tayles. Immediately following, to be reconnected with Jeff and Debbie Lessard. It started with the Right Timing and the Right Product that I needed for my health, but had not a clue what it was.


When you look for living proof of what feeding your Endocannabinoid System can accomplish, I’m that proof. After having the wind knocked out of me medically for the past 5 years, I honestly enjoy being able to work a full time and a half schedule in just several short months. While my medical condition has left me with some challenges, I continue to improve each day. If I could make a recommendation that would stick, it’s feeding your Endocannabinoid System with Kannaway’s Premium Hemp Oil Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Blend.


Since our introduction to Kannaway, we have accomplished things that we are very proud of. We have been given the opportunity to meet and associate our lives with some of the finest individuals you could name, as well as a company you can trust. With just a phone call from Brad, whose word is absolutely his bond, we were reintroduced to Jeff and Debbie, two of the finest people you could meet in life.  They are truly committed to share this product with the world and we felt it, then it became our commitment to share the Kannaway product line with the world. Most of all, we were excited to be a part of a company of people that’s message of caring includes the benefit of “Getting Healthy, Not High”.


While the company produces the finest Hemp Oil products in the world for the human body, the

leadership and vision, from the CEO on down to the Customer Service Reps, cannot be matched. Their support of ECHOCONNECTION.ORG and their commitment to support and provide solutions to those in need, has made our decision to make this our full time journey, one that is worthwhile and has meaning.


Our success is not what is important. It is the team that we are building. One that has the commitment to change lives. The absolute best of the best. The individuals that hold full time jobs and juggling schedules that seem to have not one more minute of the day. They find the time to help others, while improving their lives in the process. People that took Jeff’s message to heart, “When you stop transacting, when it goes from your head to your heart, you’ve arrived”. Sue and I are very fortunate and blessed by their association. Our decision to take this on full time, traveling from state to state building and training a team that gets it, is now our Journey to hold. Building a Hempire, hope to see you on the road.


Karen Lucas

It all started when I had been following Damien Callias because of the flood in Baton Rouge & some of our great friends had just moved there & we couldn't reach them. Damien had started the Cajun Navy, the civilian rescue effort rescuing people from flooded homes, cars & business throughout the area.

Fast forward five months later & I saw him post about this miracle CBD salve & I knew I had to try it, because I suffer from systemic lupus & rheumatoid arthritis. It's been a long battle of taking weekly chemotherapy injections along with humira or enbrel, very strong drugs that made me very sick. The salve was a life saver! Two little sample salves & I knew this company was on to something! I could actually get out of bed in the morning & not be in pain, all because of this miracle salve! So I called Damien & told him I wanted it all! I could hardly wait until my box arrived & I will never forget it! It was a Thursday at 3:00pm when it came to my door & I wasted no time ripping open that box & took my Revive AM oil & was blown away! Fifteen minutes later I felt clarity in my mind & energy restored along with a dramatic decrease in pain in my joints. I knew then that Kannaway had a phenomenal product to represent & my mission was to share CBD with everyone I met! I watched Randy Schroeder's videos & I decided to double his goal of always speaking to 3 new people a day, to 6 & on most days during my first 3 months, I spoke to 10 or more a day. Before I knew it, I had earned a cruise for both my husband & I, several large bonuses & I ranked up to Regional Director. All this in less 2 months! And to be the free living my life as God intended me to.

I am so proud to represent Kannaway & to know we have the best leaders in the industry backing us every step of the way. Dr. Titus & his knowledge coupled with the leadership & program set before us makes Kannaway the leader in the CBD world. I'm so thankful I am part of this amazing movement!


Actarus S.R.O.

My first encounter with MLM took place 8 years ago. I was working at IT Slovak Telekom, repaying a car loan and living from paycheck-to-paycheck.

The person who showed me MLM for the first time had my trust. I was particularly interested in the possibility of making the same amount of money I would make in a month within a single week. At that time, I was satisfied. I was exploring a new world, new possibilities and my skills were growing as well.

Even though I was making more money, my financial situation was hanging by a thread. I came to realize the importance of personal growth and being fond of the product.

Therefore, I started working in a new company, where I liked the product more. I had 0,2 € in my wallet. The desire to make money by helping people was stronger and stronger. I decided to quit the job I didn’t enjoy and where I worked for somebody else’s dreams. I put trust in my dream, work and MLM.

I had to and wanted to change in order to lead people. The business went off to a good start. I found out that having money is a good thing, but helping lots of people who love you and work with you, is a wonderful feeling. But the most important thing, the greatest reward is who we become while making our dreams come true. I believe that’s the greatest gift of MLM.

I was looking for a unique product that would empower me to help even more people.

I’ve found an unparalleled opportunity that I’d love to share with you.