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With the goal of spreading awareness for the many important benefits CBD holds for professional and amateur athletes alike, Kannaway Sports has partnered with athletes like former NFL stars to help promote the use of CBD oil products like those from Kannaway as a training tool for everyone from the pro athletes to the weekend warrior to the average joe looking for a way to supplement their system and improve performance.

Meet the Team

Nick Lowery

Nick Lowery

Nick the Kick
Icon Trophey

Top 3 Stats

1. Most Accurate Kicker in NFL History

2. 7 Time Pro Bowler

3. Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame


  • Q: Why did you take CBD hemp oil? What was your biggest challenge before you started CBD hemp oil?

    A: Because it has so many positive systemic benefits to one's health and virtually no downside!

  • Q: What Kannaway products do you take?

    A: I use the Pure Gold, Pure CBD, Energy Chews, Salve, and Rev!ve AM and PM formulas.

  • Q:What changed after you started taking CBD hemp oil? Why do you like the product?

    A:It seems to calm down the mind in a topsy turvy over stimulated world. Making consistently better choices is crucial to a consistent quality of life and managing our relationships in business and personally.

  • Q:What would you say to somebody who is not sure about whether to start taking CBD hemp oil?

    A:There is virtually no risk, no toxicity, and no unintended negative effects – certainly not up to 1500 mg of CBD a day – unlike the unilateral health options from provided by pharmaceutical drugs. There is also an enormous upside in its many benefits.

    MOST importantly, though, Kannaway is totally committed to pure education. Not only are their products Triple Lab Tested™, 100% organic, and always high quality, the company also educates consumers of the overwhelming science that confirms that CBD is a significant tool for many of the key issues affecting us.

  • Q:Anything else you’d like to add?

    A:As an 18-year NFL Veteran and Hall of Famer for the Kansas City Chiefs, I am deeply concerned about the effects of injuries and head trauma to my brothers who have given so much to the game, including friends like Mike Webster, Junior Seau, Kenny Stabler…and so many more.

    Our Kannaway Sports Team - Christian Okoye, Jim McMahon, Dino Hackett, Paul Coffman, Daryl Talley, and more – are All-stars, All-Pros, Champions, Hall of Famers, and community leaders who want to stay as healthy as they can. They all appreciate Kannaway's commitment to transparent education and cutting-edge science as they age. We are committed to demonstrating much more than with words, but with clear results, that CBD's are an essential part of the personal optimum health contract we keep with ourselves, our families, our children, and our friends, every single day. We are in it for the Super Bowl of Life! Please educate yourself and your family, and join our winning team.


  • Q: Why did you take CBD hemp oil? What was your biggest challenge before you started CBD hemp oil?

    A: Well, I took hemp oil because my old teammate Nick Lowery introduced me to it. I’d been hearing about it from bunch of retired football players who were taking different a version. Coming from my background, I’ve never tried anything outside of the norms… I take pain meds every day. I wanted to give CBD a try and see how it affects me and the number of pain meds I take.

  • Q: What Kannaway products do you take?

    A: I take the Kannaway Pure Gold CBD liquid the most. I also love the Energy Chews and the Gold Premium Hemp Oil oral applicator.

  • Q: What changed after you started taking CBD hemp oil? Why do you like the product?

    A: I like the product because it helped me in two ways. One is that I used to take a sleeping aid 4-7 days a week. I also take Aleve everyday because I still exercise regularly, which can wear on my body. Since I’ve started taking CBD, it’s helped a lot. I sleep a lot more than I used to, and I can go out and run without issue. No more pills. I love it and can’t stop telling people about it.

  • Q: What would you say to somebody who is not sure about whether to start taking CBD hemp oil?

    A: I’ll tell them my story. I never thought I would ever try anything like CBD. Many people still judge it, thinking its a drug like marijuana. But it’s all natural and better than what we often get at our local stores and put into our systems. I would just say to give it a try and before deciding whether it’s right for them.

  • Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

    A: The main thing that he’d like to add to all this is that I believe in CBD. I strongly believe in it. I didn’t think I would believe before trying it, but I’ve felt better ever since I’ve started taking CBD supplements.

Christian Okoye

Christian Okoye

The Nigerian Nightmare
Icon Trophey

Top 3 Stats

1. NFL Rushing Yards Leader (1989)

2. AFC Offensive Player of the Year

3. Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame

Amy Van Dyken

Amy Van Dyken

Olympic Gold Medalist
Icon Trophey

Top 3 Stats

1. 6-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

2. ESPN Female Athlete of the Year (1989)

3. Inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame

  • Earlier this year, Van Dyken was introduced to CBD oil products from Kannaway through Nick Lowery, who is also a part of the Kannaway Sports team. At first, she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted, but at Lowery’s suggestion, she increased her daily servings.

  • The change was immediate, and she now uses Kannaway Pure CBD Liquid daily. She can’t believe the results, and like other Kannaway Sports partners, Van Dyken has been able to reduce her use of various pharmaceuticals.

  • “Kannaway’s CBD products have drastically improved my quality of life. I was skeptical at first, but Kannaway Pure CBD is making my life enjoyable again,” said Van Dyken. “I take two tablespoons of the Kannaway Pure CBD in my coffee every morning and I feel like a new person. I hope my story can help spread awareness of the benefits of CBD so that people like me can feel more comfortable giving it a try.”

  • Amy Van Dyken remains full of life, even after her accident and her exhausting recovery. She feels great each day and has even started getting into her pool again. She’s also giving back and using her own experience with spinal injury to help others. She’s started the Amy Van Dyken Foundation and helps raise awareness for those with spinal injuries. The foundation even assists families get wheelchairs for their children.

  • Goose Gossage is a Pro Baseball Hall of Famer and former New York Yankees and San Diego Padres right-hand relief pitcher. He recently added CBD to his routine, reporting significant benefits with daily use.

  • “Playing baseball for twenty-two years can cause a lot of wear and tear, and I am so excited about what Kannaway CBD products have done for me,” says Gossage. “I take two tablespoons of the Kannaway Pure CBD every morning and night, along with the Gold Premium Oil Oral Applicator, and I feel unbelievably better.”

  • Gossage ran into Nick Lowery at a golf outing in Arizona. He had been talking to some of the football players attending the outing who had mentioned using CBD. Gossage began thinking that this was something that could help him.

  • “I had an open mind and liked that it was all natural,” Gossage reveals.

  • He began taking it daily. He didn’t see success right away. After a few months, he noticed some benefits but wasn’t satisfied. Gossage doubled his daily use on Nick’s recommendation and noticed the difference right away.

  • Gossage has since been able to reduce prescription medication use and is reporting a better quality of life. “I’m really excited about where I was before CBD and where I am now with what CBD has done for me. I hope my story can help spread awareness on the benefits of CBD.”

Richard Gossage

Richard Gossage

Icon Trophey

Top 3 Stats

1. 9× All-Star (1975–1978, 1980–1982, 1984, 1985)

2. World Series champion (1978)

3. 3× AL saves leader (1975, 1978, 1980)

Derek Kennard

Derek Kennard

NFL Guard / Center
Icon Trophey

Top 3 Stats

1. Division I-AA All-American (1983)

2. NEA second-team All-Pro (1992)

3. Super Bowl XXX Champion

  • Derek Kennard is a former NFL offensive lineman and Super Bowl champion, playing for the former St. Louis Cardinals, the New Orleans Saints, and the Dallas Cowboys during his professional career.

  • After a decade playing professional football, Kennard feels the effects of the wear and tear put on his body. Kennard added CBD from Kannaway to his daily routine, seeing positive results in how he feels each day.

  • "Now that I've found CBD oil - it's been fantastic for me - it allows me to get along with my day and have an improved quality of life," Kennard told Kannaway.

  • Since beginning using Kannaway CBD products, Kennard has been able to wean himself off the pills and prescriptions he took everyday. He’s also more relaxed each day, which helps him in his role as a public figure speaking at events. This public speaking is a source of stress for Kennard.

  • “If someone was skeptical about this CBD, I'd tell them that it's not marijuana and it definitely won't get them high. It's very different than THC and marijuana and it's become an alternative to me using [prescription medications] and doing damage to my internal organs,” Kennard continued.

  • Kennard adds Kannaway Pure Gold CBD Liquid to a spray bottle. This allows him to pump his desired serving of CBD into his mouth and hold it under his tongue for 30 seconds for absorption through the mouth’s mucous membranes.

  • When telling others that he uses CBD, Kennard says, “The overwhelming thing is people keep thinking you’re getting high. That is totally not the case. It’s totally different.”

  • A 7’2” former NBA All Star center, James Donaldson began his basketball career at Washington State University where he is still the all-time leader in career blocked shots. He would go on to be inducted into WSU’s athletic hall of fame in 2006. He is still the school’s all-time leader in career blocked shots.

  • Donaldson was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics and would also play with the Clippers and the Mavericks during his professional career, earning a spot on the NBA’s 1988 All-Star team.

  • As a retired athlete, Donaldson became aware of CBD through the news media’s increasing coverage of its wellness potential, which piqued his interest in using CBD for himself.

  • He would next meet Kannaway Brand Ambassador Liz Diehl, who introduced Donaldson to Kannaway and our line of CBD oil products, in October 2018. Diehl also showed him Kannaway’s charitable organization of choice, ECHO Connection, and the valuable resources it provides.

  • Donaldson immediately recognized the benefits CBD could offer active and retired athletes like himself and was eager to share what he had learned.

  • He was also able to base his recommendation on his own experience. Donaldson told Kannaway, “I’ve taken the Premium Help Oil full-spectrum oral applicator, the Gold Premium Hemp Oil oral applicator, and Premium Humulus Oil liquid. I prefer the oral applicator as it is so much easier to take. Just dial it down, put it directly in the mouth, and I’m good to go.”

  • Donaldson consulted his doctor on whether he should take CBD, giving him the confidence to start using daily CBD supplements.

  • “Overall, I’ve been on nutritional supplements since high school. The other supplements helped prolong my basketball career and promoted a healthy lifestyle, leading to a great and long career. Then I talked to my doctor about it (CBD), who said it won’t interfere with other medications I’ve taken and wasn’t likely to have any adverse effects,” Donaldson told Kannaway. “My doc pointed out different receptors. The ECS are totally different than the ones that uptake prescriptions, so that is why he recommended it would not have adverse effects with respect to my other prescription medications.”

  • After seeing the effects CBD has had on his own life, Donaldson became a vocal advocate for daily CBD use, sharing its benefits with fellow athletes and others he spoke to each day.

  • “I think a lot of folks that I’ve spoken to already are on some kind of meds for one thing or another. They are concerned about what their doctor would say and how it interacts with some of the meds they’re already on. I just share with them my personal experience and point them to the education section of the ECHO Connection website. A lot of folks have heard about CBD and know that it’s been efficient, but it took someone they know recommending it for them to give it a shot.”

James Donaldson

James Donaldson

Icon Trophey

Top 3 Stats

1. NBA All-Star (1988)

2. Second-team All-Pac-8 (1978)

3. 84-85 season, led the league in field goal percentage at 0.637

Michael Hollis

Michael Hollis

American Football
Icon Trophey

Top 3 Stats

1. Pro Bowl (1997)

2. Team records: Jacksonville Jaguars

3. Total Points, Field Goals, and FG attempts

  • Michael Hollis is a former professional American football placekicker in the National Football League. He spent most of his nine-year professional career with the Jacksonville Jaguars, kicking for the team from 1995–2001, setting several team records and earning a spot in the 1997 Pro Bowl. Hollis went on to play for the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants before retiring after an injury in 2003.

  • Word of CBD’s benefits has quickly spread among former NFL players, which is how Hollis began using CBD products.

  • “Bryan Barker told me about Nick Lowery’s affiliation with Kannaway and that got my mind rolling,” Hollis told Kannaway. “I’ve been interested in CBD since it’s been a big topic in the news for a while. Now I had a friend who provided a bunch of information and was very into it, so I wanted to learn more.”

  • From what he had heard about its benefits, Hollis was excited to give it a try, adding Kannaway Gold Premium Hemp Oil to his morning routine and ending his day with the Premium Hemp Oil oral applicator.

  • “I wasn’t in a position where I was getting my head banged on everyday, but I was definitely interested in the benefits for discomfort plus overall health and wellness. The business part of Kannaway was definitely interesting to me as well. I’ve been involved in MLM before and nothing has really taken off like this seems to have taken off.”

  • After using the products himself, Hollis says he would definitely recommend them as a natural daily supplement.

  • “It’s only a matter of time before everybody understands that CBD is not bad. It’s not weed. I’m not ingesting marijuana. It’s all natural. Personally, I’m anti-medication. I’ve had access to anti-inflammatories and painkillers, but I didn’t want to take any of that. The selling point for me is something that can have benefits that have been proven, instead of medication with its chemical reactions. Something that’s available that’s natural where you don’t have to deal with any side effects.People fear THC and marijuana, but I would say to understand it and not be afraid of it. ”

  • Bryan Barker is a retired punter from the National Football League. Barker played for the St. Louis Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars, Washington Redskins, and the Green Bay Packers during his professional career.

  • Aaron Schatz of statistics site Football Outsiders noted a punt Barker kicked "in 1999 that was just ridiculous, far past any baseline I had ever created.” In Week 5 of that season, on the road against the Jets, [Barker] punted the ball from the Jaguars' own 5-yard line to the Jets' 12-yard line, an 83-yard punt.

  • Barker learned about CBD from former Kansas City kicker and inaugural Kannaway Sports partner Nick Lowery. “He kept referring to athletes who have had successes on the product, like Christian Okoye and Amy Van Dyken, and the whole thing sounded interesting” Barker told Kannaway. “I had never done a drug in my life. I had no interest in marijuana. I wasn’t even taking pain pills.”

  • However, Barker endured persistent annoyances with his body, but he had lived with them so long, he thought nothing of them.

  • “I’ve lived with those things so long that they felt normal, back when I was playing, none of that mattered, you were just expected to play,” he said. “Nick Lowery wanted me to try it, and if I liked it, he urged me to share it.”

  • It didn’t take long for Barker to develop his daily CBD routine. In the morning, he starts his day with the Kannaway Gold Premium Hemp Oil oral applicator. In the evening, he switches to the Premium Hemp Oil oral applicator. Throughout the day, Barker applies Kannaway Salve as needed, rubbing it into his muscles and joints.

  • “The biggest realization that came from this is that I haven’t been able to sleep right for so long. After a few days of the stuff, I got great sleep, I even began to dream again which I hadn’t done in a long time. In the past, I would wake up in the AM, step out of bed feeling like I’m 70 years old and it all stemmed from a lack of sleep. Now I am feeling much better overall.”

  • When it comes to the stigma attached to CBD, Barker acknowledges its potential as a roadblock to people trying CBD products. “I was concerned with the association with the word cannabis. I thought CBD was just a version of the marijuana plant and I didn’t want any part of that,” Barker said. “After learning more about the difference between hemp and marijuana and then trying the Kannaway products myself, all of that changed.”

Bryan Barker

Bryan Barker

Icon Trophey

Top Stats

1. 1× Pro Bowl selection (1997)

2. 1× First-team All-Pro selection (1997)

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