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Kannaway’s Value Packs contain a selection of premium-grade CBD products and serve as a fantastic entryway into starting your Kannaway business. These packs provide brand ambassadors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with these products and share their expertise with their own customers and candidates.

CBD Products

A naturally occurring compound found in the hemp
plant, CBD, or cannabidiol, has a wide range of therapeutic




Putting good food into our bodies is one of the best investments
we can make. Kannaway Nutrition products are made with high
quality hemp, and other natural ingredients to help fortify your
daily routine.

Skin Care

Strip away the world's toxins and reveal smooth, glowing skin. 
Cannabis Beauty Defined by Kannaway helps combine nature’s 
most incredible ingredients to give you the fresh, radiant skin 
you dream of.

Essential Oils

Take a break from the daily stress and put your mind
at ease with our essential oils. Each flavor has its own
unique therapeutic properties designed to deliver
a smooth, relaxing experience.


Not just a furry friend, but part of the family. Kannaway
all natural hemp based pet products are the safer, more
environmentally conscious choice for your pet to enjoy,
whether on the go or around the home.


Hemp clothing has been touted as being more durable
and longer lasting than cotton clothing without sacrificing
comfort. This is due in large part to the hemp plant’s
long and strong natural fibers. 


Hemp has thousands of uses. From chemical-free, eco-friendly fabrics
to hemp-infused herbal remedies, Kannaway is committed to offering
you the best brands in the cannabis industry.

Special Offers

Here’s where you can find the Kannaway products you know and love that feature special offer pricing. These deals are only available for a limited time or while supplies last.