Kannaway Proudly Supports ECHO

Education, Collaboration & Hope

ECHO: Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

ECHO provides support for special case families and individuals that count on cannabinoids,
based on the core values of Education, Collaboration, and Hope.

“If you’re like me, you’re a part of Kannaway because cannabinoids can make a life-altering impact on the people around us. ECHO is your opportunity to fulfill that promise to change lives directly. By supporting ECHO, you are providing relief and hope to families in need who rely on cannabinoids every single day. There’s no more meaningful calling than that.”

Blake Schroeder
CEO, Kannaway

“I’ve made giving my life’s work, and there are few opportunities to give that have the impact of ECHO. Cannabinoids truly give life back to families, and by supporting ECHO, you can give someone out there that exact gift. If you believe in Kannaway’s mission, you already believe in ECHO.”

Andrea Barnes
President, ECHO

How does ECHO help?

  • Education: ECHO brings awareness about cannabinoids to the masses with a library of thousands of clinical studies on cannabinoids.
  • Collaboration: Join ECHO’s private community to share and learn about the benefits of cannabinoids from others, and connect with cannabinoid-friendly doctors.
  • Hope: ECHO provides cannabinoid product donations as well as financial assistance to families in need.

Take Action

ECHO needs people like you to make a difference.

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