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“These packs have been specifically chosen to help new people joining Kannaway have access to the best products and support right from day 1”
Blake Schroeder, CEO, Kannaway

In dozens of countries around the world, Kannaway not only provides premier quality cannabis products, we also provide entrepreneurs of every kind an opportunity to grow their own home-based business. Whether your goal is to make a couple of hundred dollars extra on the side, or to build a significant income through your groups product sales, Kannaway has a Value Pack to meet your needs.

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Total Product Experience Value Pack

Enrollment Price: $1,870.00 - 1620 BV (86.6% BV Ratio)

  • The most comprehensive collection of Kannaway products, our Total Product Experience Value Pack was designed for forward-thinking, business-building owners who are serious about succeeding and want to have the knowledge to demonstrate and discuss the benefits of our CBD, CBN, CBG, skincare, and nutritional wellness products.

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    Executive Value Pack

    Enrollment Price: $999.00 - 800 BV (80.1% BV Ratio)

  • If you are ready to take a serious first step toward building a successful long-term business in the hemp CBD industry, our Executive Value Pack is a great choice. Providing the best value, this Value Pack features a resounding collection of Kannaway CBD products, giving you the confidence and tools you need to share the products and their wellness benefits with your team and new customers.

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    Jr Executive Value Pack

    Enrollment Price: $499.00 - 350 BV (70.1% BV Ratio)

  • Our Junior Executive Value Pack is perfect for new Entrepreneurs joining Kannaway who are seeking the opportunity to both experience a curated selection of our best-selling and latest hemp cannabinoid products for themselves and share that experience with others. This Value Pack presents our most sought-after CBD products, as well as our newer, innovative CBN and CBG selections.

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    Starter Value Pack

    Enrollment Price: $249.00 - 150 BV (60.2% BV Ratio)


    A selection of some of Kannaway’s most popular products, our Starter Value Pack is ideal for anyone interested in trying a carefully curated selection of Kannaway products for the first time. This Value Pack offers an array of cannabinoid products to experience the wide wellness benefits of hemp compounds, including our newer, innovative CBN products.

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