Success Stories

Our Top Leaders Possess
an Incredible Vision

Crown Ambassador Elite

Randy & Samantha Schroeder

Born in a middle-class farming community in the mountain west, Randy learned early in life the values of work and entrepreneurship.

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Jeff & Debbie Lessard

We are both full time with Kannaway and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this incredible company!

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Valerie Aloisio and Andre Dery

She is one of the top female leaders in the industry and is passionate about mentoring and coaching others to success.

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CannaGroup LTD

Vice Presidential Director Elite

Franz & Hanka Pollak

Our Kannaway journey began after a call with Juraj Mojzis. We understood the potential of CBD. Our favorite thing about working with Kannaway is helping people to help themselves.

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Vice Presidential Director

Kristina & Andreas Grigat

My favorite thing about working in this industry is the opportunity it gives me to reach the freedom I want in life.

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Tibor O'dor & Kimberlee Sheppard

What makes me most happy is my team is constantly growing and I strongly believe that they can reach the top!

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Eva Fazakas

She said that there has already been a huge development we could be part of. She truly believes that with the products, we make a huge difference in so many people's lives.

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International Director Elite

Beate Emmer

Today I can help thousands of people by impacting their lives with our products and to help them live their life to the fullest. That is what connects me to Kannaway.

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Grazyna Lopatka

I once realized and accepted that the only person I can thank or whom I can blame for my situation, is me, no one else, because my decisions, my actions have led me to where I am now.

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Renita & Scott Brannan

Our favorite thing is life freedom. We used to say “time freedom” but if you are truly building a HUGE business, it takes a lot of “time” every day.

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Lene West

My wishes is to help many people to live a healthy life and live out their dreams with Kannaway in the back.

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Csaba Dévényi

Kannaway is a real team work and I could never have this big success without my team, so I am very grateful for them!

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International Director

GT Richie

To be associated with such true professionals, in an industry that is going to grow beyond comprehension, is a blessing beyond words.

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Melissa Temple-Agosta

Melissa has always taken pride in helping others discover the benefits of Kannaway products and educating them to help others.

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Bill & Susan Wilkinson

And the Hemp Coach continues to roll on, from city to city and from state to state and now we are enjoying our newly acquired associates in Europe.

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Tanja Elomaa

Fanis & Albina Khabibullin

We have ambitious plans with our excellent youth team, which has purposeful guys who are ready to make a brilliant career. Together we can achieve a lot!

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Roland & Lisa Sonnleitner

There is a global opportunity for everyone and it is just the beginning. I love to see people improve their life financially as well as their health.

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National Director Elite

Roger & Karen Boger

Kannaway has the Boger’s full attention as they focus on building a successful business.

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Rommel & Lesille Hernandez

“The opportunity presented to us by Kannaway is bigger than any previous opportunity we’ve ever come across!”

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Dana Neubert & Mary Sides

We are passionate about what we are doing, and when you can allow people to experience a product and feel the results for themselves, it just makes sense.

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Karen Lucas

I am so proud to represent Kannaway & to know we have the best leaders in the industry backing us every step of the way.

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Jill Levine

Jill’s favorite thing about working in this industry is she loves hearing the testimonials from people who had nowhere to turn.

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Lajos Farkas & Rita Bence

Mathias Audell Ringblom & Rene Ritto

The lifestyle that comes with being in network marketing full time is what drives us. Do the work once and get paid repeatedly.

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Nedeljko Gustin

With Kannaway, my profession turned into a vacation. I am inspired through the positive changes in my team.

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Karoly Voros

Start to fly high with Kannaway. Even the sky is not the limit. Everything is possible with Kannaway.

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Ryszard Piotrowski

National Director

Nicole Neubert

Kannway has given us the opportunity to transform lives. Every morning there’s a new text with an incredible testimony.

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Andrew Moran

My passion has always been helping others and sharing our story.

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Nicolas Bibas

I truly believe that we are the company with A purpose and we helping humanity to pass in a helhtier era. Kannaway its not just products and money, its much more for me.

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Craig & Wendy Jensen

I believe we have a moral obligation to educate as many people as we can so they also can live a lifestyle many only dream of.

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Margit & Peter Staudinger

My goal is to bring each member of my team as far as he wants - the goal must be placed by everyone himself and everyone can reach great things in life - everything is possible

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Wolfgang Umlauf & Marianne Wollinger

Kannaway has improved the lives of everyone in the team. There is nothing better than to help people.

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Alfred Vajaji

Gordon Oswald

Stacey Coler-Dark

"...success is not predicted by chance or by luck but earned through hard work and perseverance."

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