Success Stories

Our Top Leaders Possess
an Incredible Vision

Crown Ambassador Elite

Randy & Samantha Schroeder

Born in a middle-class farming community, Randy Schroeder learned the values of hard work and entrepreneurship early in life.

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Jeff & Debbie Lessard

Massachusetts natives Jeff and Debbie Lessard currently reside in Peoria, Arizona and have never been happier being part of Kannaway’s mission.

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Valerie Aloisio

After a successful corporate career, Valerie joined the network marketing industry nearly two decades ago.

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Vice Presidential Director Elite

Franz & Hanka Pollak

Franz and Hanka Pollak are entrepreneurs in the health sector and currently based in Austria.

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Vice Presidential Director

Eva Fazakas

Eva Fazakas is a physician and natural therapist, specializing in sports medicine, who has worked to combine traditional and natural therapies throughout her career.

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International Director Elite

Renita and Scott Brannan

Renita Brannan is an entrepreneur, author, personal trainer, NBC health and nutrition expert, and has been a professional network marketer since 2007.

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Grazyna Lopatka

For more than 30 years, Grazyna Lopatka worked as a rehabilitator – chiropractic for more 30 years before joining Kannaway, ultimately becoming one of the company’s few International Director Elite members.

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Csaba Dévényi

Csaba Dévényi has been a network marketer extraordinaire for more than 15 years.

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Gordon Oswald

Raised as a military dependent around the world, Gordon Oswald developed an appreciation for all types of people that he now applies to a drive and willingness to invest in helping his Kannaway team members thrive.

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International Director

GT Richie

After spending more than 30 years in and out of the direct sales industry, GT Richie felt at home Kannaway.

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Melissa Temple-Agosta

Melissa Temple-Agosta did not start her network marketing career the traditional way after spending 20 years as an executive in the corporate world.

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Bill & Susan Wilkinson

Bill and Susan Wilkinson embarked on their Kannaway journey in April of 2017.

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Fanis & Albina Khabibullin

Kannaway Crown Ambassador Elite Juraj Mojzis originally introduced Fanis and Albina Khabibullin to Kannaway.

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Roland & Lisa Sonnleitner

Seeking an alternative to the traditional 9-5 work model, Roland and Lisa Sonnleitner were looking for a business opportunity where they could make their own hours and be their own bosses.

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National Director Elite

Riom Otsuka

Based out of Tokyo, Japan Riom Otsuka is driven by a passion to help others uplift their own health and financial standing.

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Yuko Imai

Yuko Imai, who was born and still lives in Tokyo, Japan, shares Kannaway’s mission of advocating for cannabis access and awareness across the globe.

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Roger & Karen Boger

National Director Elites Dr. Roger and Karen Boger have dedicated their lives to sharing the amazing wellness of Kannaway products and the financial freedom offered by building a business of your own.

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Rommel & Lesille Hernandez

Born in the Philippines and raised in sunny Southern California, Rommel and Lesille Hernandez never expected to be part of the direct selling industry.

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Dana Neubert & Mary Sides

According to Dana Neubert and Mary Sides, joining Kannaway has provided them with an amazing opportunity to help change the quality of peoples’ lives through CBD.

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Karen Lucas

Karen Lucas learned about CBD through her friend Damien Callias, who had started a civilian rescue effort in Baton Rouge to help save survivors from cars, flooded homes, and businesses throughout the area.

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Jill Levine

Sales Executive Jill Levine grew up in Rockland County, New York and now resides in Livingston, New Jersey.

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Lajos Farkas & Rita Bence

Having been in 19 countries so far, the pair look forward to expanding their international business and inspiring people to live well.

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Mathias Audell Ringbloom

His goal is to help the team reach its goals, leading by example.

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Ryszard Piotrowski

National Director

Nicole Neubert

Nicole Neubert’s journey with Kannaway started after she began using the company’s Essential Oils Trio.

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Andrew Moran

Since childhood, Andrew Moran grew up with dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. While searching for the American dream, he discovered network marketing and immediately got to work.

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Nicolas Bibas

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece Nicolas Bibas comes from a family that has extensive sales experience.

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Craig & Wendy Jensen

Born and raised in North Dakota, Craig and Wendy Johnson both had entrepreneurial aspirations growing up.

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Margit & Peter Staudinger

Margit and Peter Staudinger live in Austria in a community called Salzkammergut between Linz and Salzburg.

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Wolfgang Umlauf & Marianne Wollinger

Wolfgang Umlauf and Marianne Wollinger were both born in Vienna and started network marketing in 2009.

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Alfred Vajaji

Stacey Coler-Dark

Stacey Coler-Dark believes success is not predicted by chance or by luck but earned through hard work and perseverance.

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Junko K.

Having recognized the potential and growing demand for CBD in Japan early on, Junko K. has built a successful business in Kannaway from the castle town of Kanazawa, on Japan’s central Honshu Island.

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