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Saturday | 17 October 2020 | 1300hrs CEST


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Kannaway does it again!

Join us on the 17th October for a Special Launch Event as we introduce a new “first” yet again. We will be launching our first product in Europe based on the so-called raw, “green oil”. This marks another great achievement since no other company has been able to make a THC-free raw extract until now.

As one of the key speakers, you will meet Kannaway Founder Dr Stuart Titus who will be explaining the benefits of using the “green oil”. Fitness guru and speaker Dan Miller will be joining in to talk about the link between the green oil and sleep as well as the importance of sleep for your overall health and fitness. He will also explain the benefits of the EVOLVE programme and give you a teaser or two about upcoming products that we will be launching next year!

How to get better sleep will be a big topic on this event – and our new product will do just that. This is a product that works. It’s a product with a multi-billion euro market. With our new product, you can make an impact to the quality of thousands or even millions of people’s lives.

Just wait until you hear the testimonials! We let a few select Brand Ambassadors test our product in advance and they are amazed!

But this is more than a launch event.

Listen to our CEO Blake Schroeder as he provides a special message about Kannaway today and in the future. Our President Stephen Jones will dazzle you with his British wit and provide some of the latest company updates.

You will also learn how to expand your business and increase your income with the special training provided on this event. Our top leaders, Valerie Aloisio, Juraj Mojzis, Kristina Grigat and Csaba Devenyi will be covering training topics, suited to the current economic and social environment, to help you take your Kannaway business to the next level.

No Kannaway event is complete without ECHO. Andrea Barnes, who runs this incredible charity will be sharing from the world of ECHO and share a new way in which you can help.

Our recent addition in the Kannaway family, TBF, will naturally be featured. TBF co-founder's Michal Praženica & Tobiáš Súkenik will share all the exciting news about our new super premium pet line.

We also feature the important work done by our Hemp for Humanity initiatives and our engagement in the European Industrial Hemp Association. EIHA Managing Director Lorenza Romanese will give the latest update about industry lobbying in the power corridors of Brussels and how Kannaway is helping to fund the most important initiative taken in the recent history of hemp in Europe.

The event will be hosted by Janne Heimonen, Managing Director of International, who will also launch special European promotions and giveaways.

Join the Special Launch Event:

Saturday 17 October 1300 - 1600 hrs CEST
Click on the link to join the event:


The event will be translated into French, German, Hungarian, Russian, and Slovak.

Featured Speakers

Stephen Jones
President, Kannaway

Blake Schroeder
CEO, Kannaway

Stuart Titus
Founder, Kannaway

Dan Miller
Fitness & Nutrition Expert, Kannaway

Janne Heimonen
International Managing Director, Kannaway

Lorenza Romanese
Managing Director, EIHA

Andrea Barnes
President, ECHO Connection

Michal Praženica
TBF co-founder

Tobiáš Súkenik
TBF co-founder

Valerie Aloisio
Crown Ambassador Elite

Juraj Mojžiš

Randy Schroeder
Crown Ambassador Elite

Csaba Devenyi
International Director Elite

Kristina Grigat
Vice Presidential Director

“Attending Events is a great way to meet not only your long-distance teammates but also others from around the globe. My favorite part is probably the education and training, especially when rolling out new products, back-office features, etc. And the lifelong friends we have made through Kannaway is something we will forever be grateful for!”

Mary Sides

“Everyone who’s part of Kannaway should attend Events for every reason you can think of; team building, meeting other Brand Ambassadors, learning about hemp advancements, hearing about new product launches and incentives, deals on products, celebrating successes and to be inspired!”

Melanie Smith

“Not only does Kannaway offer you the chance to participate in the legal cannabis boom, it offers you the opportunity to do it with one of the market leaders on research and development. All of this married with people that really care. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. ”

Paul Gavaghan

“I love everything about Kannaway, and the people involved – from research, product development, marketing, training, to shipping & customer service. Kannaway’s Brand Ambassador’s rock too! Meeting other Kannaway members and hearing their stories fuels your desire to reach out and help others.”

Missy Garrison

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