Rank Recognition and Incentives


"Recognizing that achieving our mission relies on the success of our Entrepreneurs, Kannaway has initiated unparalleled rewards and incentives to applaud top performers, from thrilling trips and unforgettable exclusive events to luxurious prize incentives."

Blake Schroeder, Kannaway CEO

Double Crown Ambassador

Travel to presentations and events amidst the technology, design, and innovation that define the best-selling luxury car. This award offers the lease of an uncompromised luxurious Tesla Model S.

Crown Ambassador

One of the most refined and iconic timepieces a person can wear. Kannaway Entrepreneurs at this rank are awarded a top-tier luxury Oyster Perpetual wristwatch by Rolex, available in both traditional men’s and women’s styles and featuring a dial face designed to match the official green color of Kannaway.

Presidential Ambassador

This award offers the choice of a custom Kannaway-branded Ring, Bracelet or Pendant made with 14K White Gold. Qualified Entrepreneurs can choose between a traditional women’s piece featuring Diamonds and a traditional men’s piece made with black Diamonds. Crafted with conflict-free, ethical laboratory-grown Emeralds, these pieces are surely made with quality in mind.

Vice Presidential Director

Dress to impress when in the workplace and at meetings. Your custom tailor awaits to design the business attire of your dreams, meeting the latest women’s and men’s fashions, and sending a message to potential networking contacts and partners that you’re distinguished and confident.

International Director

Take your business on the go with style and class, traveling with the most elite brand of modern luggage. With a Kannaway branded luggage tag, your new world-class Tumi suitcase will be your reliable and deluxe travel companion, wherever life takes you.

National Director

This custom-designed hemp briefcase was crafted with one of Kannaway’s pillars in mind: sustainable and quality-minded people and products. It arrives at your home along with a wide range of Kannaway products, customized to you specifically, with your name on the label.

How to earn these incredible rewards

From memorable trips and prize incentives to extra income and unlimited earning potential, the opportunities available to you in Kannaway are unparalleled.

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4,000,000 EV
1,000,000 EV
700,000 EV
400,000 EV
240,000 EV
135,000 EV
45,000 EV
15,000 EV
5,000 EV
3,000 GV
1,000 GV
330 GV

Looking for more detailed information on qualifying for each reward? Read through our full compensation plan here.

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How to qualify for Elite Retreat?

Elite Retreats are reserved for our reliably high-performing Entrepreneurs
who advance to an Elite rank for the first time or maintain an Elite rank for
at least 6 out of the 16 months during the qualification period.

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