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Por Grace

Kannaway is dedicated to raising awareness and donating funds to great causes, and is proud to support the not-for-profit foundation, Por Grace.

In the past, we’ve donated to and support the charitable organization ECHO and raised over $3 million funds to support over 150 families with the help of CBD.

Por Grace, founded in 2016, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families by educating and supporting families around the world on the benefits of CBD.

Meet Grace

Graciela Elizalde Benavides Grace (born in 2011) was the first person to legally receive medical cannabis in Mexico, thanks to the efforts of her parents - providing hope for Grace and for families around the world.

In 2016, Grace's parents' discovery of CBD took them on a truly journey that transformed into Por Grace, the not-for-profit organization that educates families around the world on the responsible use of cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD).

Your donation is used to support Por Grace families with their medical needs

Meet Angel

2-year old, Cerebral Palsy, West Syndrome, Corpus callosum hypoplasia

Angel spent the first 42 days of his in hospital having been born prematurely. Angel attends regular therapy sessions, but his family does not own a wheelchair – they have to borrow a chair, when and if one is available. This means that often his mum needs to carry him in her arms when they take the bus to attend his therapy. With your help you’ll not only be giving Angel a custom-made, specialized wheelchair, you’ll also be giving his mum some extra dignity and confidence.

Medical need:

Postural Chair

Funds raised so far:


*Donations are updated every Friday each week.

How your donations are used: Your donation is incredibly valuable no matter how much you choose to donate, as all funds go towards supporting individuals and families through Por Grace; whether through direct funds for special equipment for individuals with extenuating circumstances, or administrative costs of running the non-profit organisation in order for them to educate about cannabinoids, campaign for change and employ staff to help support the daily operations. Here’s a breakdown of where your donation goes: 75% goes direct to funding for individuals, 15% to administration and running costs, with the remaining 10% for marketing efforts to raise funds. Together with Por Grace, we will continue to drive positive global change.


Por Grace share the stories of the families that make up the foundation's community; people with different conditions who have benefited from medical cannabinoids.


Por Grace has collaborated with Kannaway to help deliver their education and support on responsible use of cannabinoids through our network of Entrepreneurs around the world.


Kannaway is committed to supporting individuals in need with the donation of CBD products on a monthly basis. Through the company’s generous product donation program and because of generous cash contributions.

“We are dedicated to the ongoing support of families, and since 2017, Kannaway have donated over $3 million of life-changing CBD products. We are proud to continue making an impact through our partnership with Por Grace. Through your donation, you will be an integral part of our joint life-changing mission.”

Blake Schroeder

CEO Kannaway

“The journey we took with Grace led us to create the foundation Por Grace, where we provide advice to families like us who seek to offer a better quality of life to their children. And now that we are collaborating with Kannaway, we will be able to help so many more families and make a positive change in their lives.”

Mayela Benavides Arriola

Grace’s Mother and President of Por Grace

Your donation will help children who are in vital need of specialized equipment and support for their debilitating conditions.

Meet Gael

9 year old, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Gael needs a transfer wheelchair as his mobility is worsening and needs extra help with getting around safely. We invite you to support Gael with your donations and together let ’s see if we can make a big Kannaway difference to his life.

Funds raised:

$700 / $700

Thank you!

Meet Yagannath

12 years old, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Yagannath’s is a spirited 12-year old boy that likes nothing better than going out with his family to look at trees and animals. Because of his debilitating condition, Yagannath is in need of a specialized wheelchair to provide a level of comfort, freedom and confidence for him. With your help we can help Yagannath live his best life.

Funds raised:

$3000 / $3000

Thank you!

Meet Dara Izebel Esparza Rosales

3 years old, West syndrome

Dara suffers from the debilitating condition and is in critical need of a specialized postural wheelchair to help her with getting to and from hospital, seeing friends and going on family outings. With your help we can help Dara live her best life.

Funds raised:

$3000 / $3000

Thank you!