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“I am a proud athletic ambassador for Kannaway’s CBD products.”

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Sensei Michelle Del Giorno is a world-class martial artist who has competed in numerous prestigious national and international competitions over her more than 30-year career. In 1990, she earned a Rookie of the Year nomination for the prestigious Professional Karate League Hall of Fame. Three years later, Michelle secured a position on the World Athletic Karate Organizations United States Team and took home the Silver Medal in Sport Karate Point Fighting and Weapons Forms. As part of the 1994 United States Team, she won the Gold Medal in Women’s Traditional Semi-Contact Team Sparring at the World Karate-do Federation Pan American Championships. She has earned a 4th degree Black Belt.

Michelle started practicing martial arts as a young child and has extensive training in a variety of self-defense types. She also has decades of experience in teaching martial arts and is now the primary instructor at Epic Martial Artis in Sag Harbor, where she leads self-defense training, kickboxing, and other martial arts-related classes for people of all ages. In addition to teaching Martial Arts, Michelle is also a personal trainer.

While Sensi Michelle continues to teach and train at high levels, she endures persistent soreness and lethargy issues. After being introduced to Kannaway hemp CBD oil products, she noticed an improvement.

“I have noticed a tremendous difference in my energy level since I’ve been using the products by Kannaway,” she said.

It didn’t take long for Michelle to develop a daily CBD routine. In the morning, she begins her day with the Kannaway Gold Premium Hemp Oil Applicator. In the evenings, she adds in a serving of the Premium Hemp Oil oral applicator. She also applies Kannaway Salve topically on her muscles and joints as needed.

“Anytime I have any soreness, I use this one and I really notice a big difference,” Michelle said.

Michelle has since started exploring the skin-nourishing benefits of hemp CBD oil with Kannaway’s Cannabis Beauty Defined line.

“I’ve recently gotten into some of the skincare, using it in my regimen-- the Exfoliator and the Vitality Serum. Good stuff.”

“I am a proud athletic ambassador for Kannaway’s CBD products,” she added.

"From pro athletes, to the weekend warrior, to everyday people looking for a way to supplement their system and improve performance, Kannaway offers all athletes the chance to take their workout and exercise plans to the next level.”

Nick Lowery – Athlete and sport director from Kannaway

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