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Louie Aguiar is a former All-Pro punter who played for 10 years in the National Football League. After excelling at Utah State University, Aguiar went on to be widely viewed as one of the most talented punters in NFL history. He was named to the NFL’s All-Pro team in 1995. That year, the Associated Press also selected him as 2nd Team All-League Punter. After his playing days, Aguiar also spent two years as an assistant special teams coach for the New York Jets with Rex Ryan. Today, the veteran punter teaches at a school and runs a kicking camp for professional and free-agent athletes.

Former American football punter Louie Aguiar played 10 impressive seasons for four teams in the National Football League, kicking 758 punts for an average of 41.2 yeards over his career. After playing quarterback in high school, Aguilar brought his versatile athletic skillset to the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, and Chicago Bears. As a punter, holder, and kickoff specialist, he was known for his intense play and willingness to make tackles. Perhaps the most famous of his highlights came in week 13 of the 1997 season when Aguilar masterly completed a high-arching 35-yard fake-punt pass to his leaping Chiefs’ teammate Kevin Lockett. He was honored with an All-Pro team selection in 1995.

Like many punters, Aguiar wound up having issues with his hips due to the repeated kicking movements over the years. He eventually had a hip replacement to try to alleviate the issue, but hip joining issues continue to impact his day-to-day and make it difficult to sleep well at night.

After hearing about CBD hemp oil for the first time from his buddy Mike Hollis, Aguiar decided to give Kannaway CBD products a try. He now makes CBD a part of his everyday routine and has noticed various improvements in his life, explaining that his hip feels better and “It does help out with my sleep.”

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