US Leadership Mastermind Event

Your Chance to Reach a New Level
of Performance

OCTOBER 28-29, 2021

On October 28 and 29, you have the opportunity to qualify for a private intensive event at Kannaway Headquarters, designed for qualifying Kannaway Entrepreneurs who are committed to reaching the next level of results in their business.

The Leadership Mastermind will be your opportunity to deconstruct the behaviors, strategies, and underlying psychology of entrepreneurial success, that are proven to drive results.

    The Kannaway Entrepreneurs listed below have already qualified for our event in July.

    Keep reading below to learn how you can earn your invitation to our next Leadership Mastermind in December.

    This is your chance to play an even greater part in the Entrepreneurial Revolution!

The Leadership Mastermind Event includes:

  • Two days of in-depth training with Kannaway CEO Blake Schroeder and special guests.          

Here’s how you qualify:




Achieve ANY of the following to earn an invitation to this exclusive event:

  • Advance to a new rank of Senior Director or higher for the first time
  • Be a member of Team Elite
  • Generate at least 3000 BV in new enrollment or customer volume in July, August and September, 2021
  • Be the Top Enroller by BV from July, August, or September, 2021
  • Be the overall Top Enroller by BV in Q3, 2021
All qualifiers must be active United States-based Kannaway Entrepreneurs to be eligible.

Qualification Period:

JULY 1, 2021 – SEPT. 30, 2021

Congratulations to our Current Leadership Mastermind Qualifiers!

These Entrepreneurs are invited to join us for the Leadership Mastermind on July 22-23, 2021!



Anabel Ogapong Sunglao

Bernardo Ochoa


Cecile Alcaraz

Claire Gallardo


John Leary

Linda A Sandi

MDI International Inc

Minda Josafat

Omar Sunglao

Rose Angeline Ogapong

Timothy Ka Chun Law

Victoria Bowmann

Victoria Pablo

Yolanda Rosario

Zeeshan Piracha

Congratulations to these hard working Entreprenuers! Check back to learn who will also be invited to the Leadership Mastermind based on their performance in June!