Europe Leadership Mastermind Event

Your Chance to Reach a New Level
of Performance & Grow Your Business

22nd October / 23rd October
Lisbon, Portugal

This October, you have the opportunity to participate in a private intensive event, designed for qualifying Kannaway Entrepreneurs who are committed to reaching the next level of results in their business.

Plus, you can invite your team members and your guests to join you on Day Two for a very special Discover Kannaway event – teams are stronger together!

  • Keep reading below to learn how you can earn your exclusive invitation for Randy’s Bootcamp at our Leadership Mastermind in October.

    This is your chance to play an even greater part in the Entrepreneurial Revolution!

The Leadership Mastermind Event includes:


Lisbon, Portugal

Qualified Entrepreneurs Only Exclusive to Leadership Mastermind qualifiers, benefit from in depth Bootcamp training with Crown Ambassador, Randy Schroeder and other special speakers.

This will be your opportunity to deconstruct the behaviours, strategies, and underlying psychology of entrepreneurial success, that are proven to drive results.


Lisbon, Portugal

All Entrepreneurs and guests will experience an action packed day of high energy, education and exhilaration! Join CEO Blake Schroeder, Crown Ambassador Randy Schroeder, International Managing Director Janne Heimenon and CBD Expert Dr. Stuart Titus, along with other top Kannaway Leaders

Here’s how you qualify for Leadership Mastermind Exclusive Bootcamp Training:




Achieve ANY of the following to earn an invitation to this exclusive event:

  1. Advance to Director or above.
  2. Be a member of Team Elite.
  3. Be the Top Enroller by BV for July, August, or September.
  4. Be the Top Enroller by BV in aggregate for July, August and September.
  5. Qualify for the Action Group Bonus.
All qualifiers must be active Europe-based Kannaway Entrepreneurs to be eligible.

Qualification Period:

1 July 2021 - 30 September 2021

Congratulations to our Current Leadership Mastermind Qualifiers!

These Entrepreneurs are invited to join us for the Leadership Mastermind on 22-23 October 2021!


A Star is Born

Adolf Saiko

Alina Kus

Aline Gerlach

Ana Damasceno

Andrea Pongratz

Andreia Polido

Annamária Habi

Arja Sandstrom

Benefícios CBD

Birgit Joni



Brigitte Prügl Greilberger


CBD do Centro

CBD Enjoy Life

CBD Health and Culture

CBD Hemp Therapies

CBD Natur Hanfprodukte

CBD Portugal

CBD World Wide

Clinic JV


Dominik Lassacher

Dr. Klaus Muehlhausen


Elbert Miklos

Elisabeth Körber

Elke Stasing

EMBERI Production s.r.o

Filipe Pereira

Friederike Leitner

Gary Robertson

Georg Girgis

Gertraud Voithofer

Gregor Hörfarter

Günter Lassacher

Hanf aus dem Oberland

Ibolya Tóthné

Ingrid Hörfarter

Ioannis Konstantinopoulos

Isabella Schmid-Schmidsfelden

István Habi

Jacek Glebocki


Janos Hegyi

Jitka Holická

Julie Aubier

Karen Agger


Kristel Del Rosario

Luís Rodrigues

Magdalena Gwarczyk

Manuela Hutter


Marianne Wollinger

Marina Susekov

Martina Egger

Melanie Hiel

Mirosława Mazur

Natalie Fromm

Natural Power Community

Neuza Salgueiro

Niina Katajamaki

Patricia Pereira

Pavel Vávra

Peter Petronczki

Philipp Hreczuch

Pure Gold Portugal

Reinhard Kobler

Rui Vieira

Sandra Dias Alves

Sonja Gumhold

Steve Loughlin

Svetlana Zagrebelnaya

Tatiana Petronczki

Three Times Lion

Tomáš Lenc

Tomasz Klimza

Waltraud Aftenberger

Werner Kapeller

Zarka Bogoevski

Ирина Журавич

Congratulations to these hard-working Entrepreneurs! Check back to learn who will also be invited to the Leadership Mastermind exclusive Bootcamp Training based on their performance in October!