US Leadership Mastermind Event

Your Chance to Reach a New Level
of Performance

JULY 22-23, 2021

Watch the Video Below to Learn the Identity of our Surprise Guest Trainers at the Leadership Mastermind Event!

"Your psychology always drives your strategy"
~ James Arthur Ray

Are you tired of up and down inconsistent results…

Are you fed up with rejection and disappointment…

Do you ever feel like success is just never going to come...

Does it feel like you’ve exhausted all your possibilities?

If you find yourself answering “YES” to any (or maybe all), of the statements above, then congratulations, you’re in the right place to change it all!


Once and for all.

Look, let’s be frank. Building your business is hard work. How many times have you felt things like:


1. I don’t have what it takes…

2. I believe the best days in my business and industry have come and gone…

3. I’m not smart enough, educated enough, skilled enough…

The list is endless.

Please understand, this in no way suggests that strategies are not important—of course they are!

But when you really break it down, you’ll realize that the way you think, and feel, are always going to determine how you act.

No exceptions.

If your thoughts and feelings are off, then all the strategies in the world won’t be acted on and applied.

That makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Have you ever tried to play your favorite sport with a lower back that’s thrown out and painful?

Good luck, right?

On July 22nd and 23rd we're holding an experience at Kannaway Headquarters, exclusively for revolutionary entrepreneurs.

It’s called The Leadership Mastermind and we’re going to focus on the cause of your results versus the effect.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

    • How and why business is 90% psychology and only 10% strategy…
    • The limiting belief, perception, assumption, expectation that’s holding you back from your next level of greatness…
    • Where those limitations came from and how to drop them like a hot rock…
    • The one thing you must sacrifice to achieve your greatest level of success and contribution…
    • And much more!

Once you build your solid psychological foundation, we’ll dive deep into the strategies necessary to create outrageous results!

Sounds great, right? Well, these fundamental shifts in your performance don't happen easily.

That's why you'll be working with the best of the best at the Leadership Mastermind.

You'll receive coaching from experts who have built their own Inc. 500 company, reached the New York Times best-seller list, and have been featured on Oprah and The Today Show.

Talk about results!

As consultants, James and Bersabeh Ray have helped leading global companies like Merrill Lynch, Remax and Nestlé take their performance to the next level.

Just imagine what they can do for you at the Leadership Mastermind.

Here's what a few of the Kannaway Entrepreneurs who have already worked with James and Bersabeh have to say:

Keep reading below to see which Kannaway Entrepreneurs have already qualified for our event in July, and learn how you can too.

Get busy! Do what it takes to earn your invitation so we can see you there!

Come join the Entrepreneurial Revolution!

The Leadership Mastermind Event includes:

  • Two days of in-depth training with Kannaway CEO Blake Schroeder and James and Bersabeh Ray 
  • Watch the Celebrate event live in person on July 24
  • Attend a post-event wrap party
  • Airfare to and from San Diego
  • 4-night hotel stay

Here’s how you qualify:




Achieve ANY of the following to earn an invitation to this exclusive event:

  • Advance to a new rank of Area Director or higher for the first time
  • Be a member of Team Elite
  • Generate at least 3000 BV in new enrollment or customer volume in both May and June
  • Be the Top Enroller by BV from April, May, or June
  • Be the overall Top Enroller by BV in Q2, 2021
All qualifiers must be active United States-based Kannaway Entrepreneurs to be eligible.




Samantha & Randy Schroeder

Qualification Period:

APRIL 1, 2021 – JUNE 30, 2021