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Kendall Robert Gammon (born October 23, 1968) is a former American football long snapper and tight end who played for three teams in the National Football League. In 2004, Gammon was the first pure long-snapper to be selected for the Pro Bowl.[1] Gammon currently serves as the game color analyst for the Kansas City Chiefs radio broadcasts on "101 The Fox".

Gammon attended Pittsburg State University, where he was a captain of the football team his junior and senior year.[2] He played tight end, offensive tackle, offensive guard and also handled the long-snaping. In 1991, Gammon was a part of the team coached by Chuck Broyles that won the Division II National Championship.

Gammon was drafted 291st overall in the 1992 NFL draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.[4] For the Steelers, he was the long snapper and backup offensive lineman from 1992 to 1995.

After spending four years with the New Orleans Saints, Gammon signed with the Chiefs as a free agent in February 2000. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 2005 as a special teams player, long snapping for the AFC team. Gammon was the first pure long-snapper to be selected for the Pro Bowl.

Gammon played in 218 consecutive games and appeared in Super Bowl XXX with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995.

Why did you take CBD hemp oil? What was your biggest challenge before you started CBD hemp oil? I started taking in with the hope of it possibly helping me sleep sounder. Additionally, many of my joints have become increasingly sore after a 15 year career in the NFL.

Kendall, we'd love to know, which Kannaway products do you take? I take the pure CBD oil and the Salve.

Have you noticed a difference after taking the product? Yes. Simply put, I sleep sounder and i have noticed decreased pain in many of my joints.

What would you say to somebody who is not sure about whether to start taking CBD hemp oil? Ultimately, you have nothing to lose. This is a safe product which is gaining more and more traction for all the positive qualities it has.

How often do you take Kannaway products? Daily with the CBD oil and as needed with the salve, which is often daily.

Prior to using Kannaway products, how much did you know about CBD hemp oil? Any misconceptions? I had just heard that it was something that many were starting to use and believe in.

Were you taking pharmaceuticals prior to CBD hemp oil? What prompted you to make the switch to Kannaway? I have used valerian root and different products of that nature to help my sleep but this has proved to be the best product for me.

Have you encouraged others to use CBD hemp oil? Have they seen any results? I have mentioned CBD oil and the salve to many of my former team mates and also members of the NFL alumni chapter that I’m active here in Kansas City.

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