Celebrating Milestones Together


Gone are the days of mediocre perks. At Kannaway, we believe that our offerings reflect who we are as a company. While successfully growing your Kannaway business is a reward in itself, we like to go the extra mile. From sponsored retreats to custom-fitted suits, our incentive program offerings extend beyond the ordinary. By hitting your goals and bringing value to the brand, we want you to celebrate your hard work in style.

Elite Retreat

Elite Retreats give Kannaway’s brand ambassadors an incredible experience to celebrate their hard work, learn about the company’s latest developments, and forge lasting friendships amid scenic backdrops.

2019 Costa Rica Retreat

2018 Hawaii Retreat

2017 Mexico Retreat

Black Tie

Reserved for Kannaway’s highest-earning brand ambassadors, the Black-Tie Event is solely reserved for to those who have achieved Regional Director Elite status or above. At these events, brand ambassadors will receive special leadership training, providing them with the tools needed to support and grow their downlines, furthering the success of their Kannaway teams.

2019 Amsterdam Black Tie

2019 Believe Black Tie

2018 Prague Black Tie