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Update your
personal information

Use this opportunity to change your password, upload a photo, and verify your shipping and payment information. After you've done that, make the Kannaway shopping experience personal for you and your potential customers by customizing your replicated site.

After these first steps, head to the home page of your new Kannaway back office... the dashboard.

Take me to my Dashboard

Learn how to access your upline and support

Your most important ally will always be your sponsor since they are the ones who will be facilitating your Kannaway journey. When you're looking for a quick answer, best place to visit is Frequently Asked Questions. If you ever find yourself with technical inquiries, commissions requests, or order information questions, please feel free to contact support.

Find your downline

Understanding the downline reports that display your organization's information are critically important to your growth, as well as the growth of your team members. Learn your downline so all time building is spent wisely.

Knowing where to find your BAs is important but customers will always be the lifeblood of your business. Learn how to stay in contact with them to make sure no one ever runs out of product. You can easily track orders in your organization both specific to your customers and to your entire organization.

Review your orders and set up your SmartShip

If you ordered something from Kannaway while registering, please take a moment to view your order history to make sure your order is complete and ready to ship. After, review your SmartShip so you never have to worry about running out of product and are always eligible to maximize the compensation plan. 3 consecutive months of SmartShip and you'll be SmartShip Rewards qualified, earning you free shipping on all SmartShip orders.

Educate yourself 

Your initial product experience will vary depending on what you ordered when enrolling. We advise that you spend time learning about both the products and the way they are meant to interact with our bodies.  After all, a well-balanced product understanding is the basis of a good business. 

Read the
compensation plan

The compensation plan is your roadmap for success. Understanding all of the principles attached to it will guide you in your business-building process and ensure your future success.

Be ready to collect commissions

Kannaway now offers two methods to collect commissions, through PayQuicker and a new ewallet. If you did not create a Payquicker account during enrollment, you can register here. Decide in your account page if you want your commissions payments to be sent to PayQuicker or to be kept online to use for product purchases.

Explore your
marketing resources

Kannaway makes it easy to share and enroll thanks to our easy to use referral links. By copying and sharing any of those links, you are both spreading awareness and marketing to new customers. Anyone who purchases from that link will automatically be enrolled by you. Once you've gone through all of them, the available marketing resources in your back office are powerful tools that can be used to start building your business right away.

Start making enrollments

Start by building a list of potential contacts, attending events, working with other team members, and planning functions of your own. What can you do in person? What can you do digitally? How do you think you will be best able to expand your business?

Review the enrollment process to be prepared to answer any questions from your prospective customers and new BAs. Once you've made a new enrollment, visit the waiting room

Helping those
who need it most

ECHO Connection provides support to families and individuals who count on cannabinoids. Choose to support when you checkout by adding a donation to your cart, or automatically give monthly by setting your SmartShip to contain an ECHO donations

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