It's a new year. Are you ready to focus?

In 2020, you faced unprecedented challenges. Reaching new goals with your health, professional life, or personal life, as well as supporting the people closest to you, was more difficult than ever.

When times get tough, it’s critical to hone in on the activities, opportunities, and resources that you can count on to produce the results you need. It’s imperative that you shut out the distractions, and focus.

At Kannaway, we’ve spent the last several months behind the scenes, building brand new ways to support you; to help you identify and capitalize on the areas of focus that will generate the results you're looking for, and more.

At FOCUS, Kannaway’s 2021 Kickoff Event, Kannaway will unveil the brand new systems and products available to you to reach your dreams for health and wealth for yourself, your families, your friends, and your communities.

Join us at FOCUS to get the latest education and announcements from Kannaway leaders and special guests, that you can implement into your life and business immediately to achieve new dreams.

Featured Speakers

Stephen Jones

Blake Schroeder

Stuart Titus

Justin Stephens
Senior Director of Operations

Janne Heimonen
Managing Director International

Peter Dale
General Manager, Japan

Brian Higuera
President, ECHO Connection

Dan Miller
Fitness & Nutrition Expert

Nick Lowery
Director Kannaway Sports

Valerie Aloisio
Crown Ambassador Elite

Randy Schroeder
Crown Ambassador Elite

Nicholas Bashenow
Senior Manager IT


Saturday, January 23, 2021 

9am PST • 18.00 CET

Live on


“Events allow you to connect to the people and products … the times you really see the corporate execs, Scientists and Dr. Titus and can more fully appreciate the power company and developments behind the business.”

Alex Santiago DiBiaso

“Kannaway events have helped me to see even more business opportunities, realizing that if you don't take any risks, there is no reward. The enthusiasm is invigorating.”

Kim Shepheard

“Leaders are born at events. That was definitely the case with us. At [our first Kannaway event] we made a decision that took us to where we are today.”

Roland Sonnleitner

“I attend Kannaway events to maintain contact with representatives of corporate management and to get the most up-to-date information firsthand. Thanks to Kannaway, I have a more stable health, I am enthusiastic and very motivated and I make money to help others achieve the same thing.”

Thomas Friese

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