8 Weeks to a More Dynamic You


"This is an invitation, welcoming you on a journey to transform yourself. Over the next 8 weeks, I'll show you how."

Daniel Miller – Health and Wellness Expert and Kannaway Spokesperson

As you grow and evolve
your mindset needs to evolve with you.

For the next 8 weeks, we are going to focus on food, movement, and sleep, and Kannaway has the best products to support you on your journey to a more fulfilling life. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, gain some muscle, or both, you’ll find that focusing on these three simple concepts will get you to your goal faster than you ever thought possible.


Since humankind historically spent most of their time outdoors, the systems that control hunger adapted to an environment where food was mostly scarce, sometimes very abundant, and sometimes nonexistent. Those systems still run hunger and satiety in humans today and that poses many of the problems we see in the diet and weight loss industries.


The simple rule here is that you only have to exercise on days you want to eat. But in all seriousness, that’s how it has worked for a few million years, and the systems are still in your body running the show. Movement is life.


We don’t get nearly enough sleep – with more than a third of Americans not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. As a nation, we go to bed too late and wake up too early, leading us to become more obese than ever before.

Kannaway Power Protein

To help you achieve your health and fitness goals,
Kannaway has developed a revolutionary protein shake featuring
our distinct proprietary formula.

This delicious shake is fortified with a unique Bibong herbal blend designed to boost energy, help to increase stamina throughout the day, and assist in building strength and power. In addition to whey isolate protein, Kannaway Power Protein also contains a nutritious plant protein with branched-chain amino acids, which is vital for good health. It also provides all nine essential amino acids, as well as important fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6. This fully balanced formula even boasts 20 grams of protein per serving, and at only 110 calories, it is an ideal way to get healthy and happy at the same time.

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