Kannaway Proudly Supports ECHO

Making a powerful impact in the lives of families around the globe with the help of CBD.

ECHO: Your Opportunity to Make an Impact

ECHO‘s vision is to educate, empower, and provide support to individuals and families seeking the beneficial properties of cannabidiol (CBD) and ultimately, improve the lives of their loved ones.


ECHO aims to educate the world about the benefits and science of cannabinoids. A tremendous amount of research is being conducted throughout the world, revealing more about CBD, other cannabinoids, and cannabinoid science. ECHO is building the world’s largest library of this research for easy, free access to anyone looking for more information.


CBD and other cannabinoids are emerging as an acceptable form of natural health support for a wide range of conditions and health challenges. Most local physicians are lacking in general information and guidance concerning CBD for their patients.


Our mission is to support critically ill individuals who demonstrate financial need with the donation of CBD products on a monthly basis. Because of the company’s generous product donation program and because of generous cash contributions, we have provided this life affirming product to over 150 individuals since our program began.

“With a common goal of improving the quality and accessibility of CBD, we are proud to partner with ECHO, an organization that recently donated more than $2 million in life-changing CBD products. With your donation, you will be an integral part of that mission.”

Blake Schroeder, CEO, Kannaway

“It’s hard to express in words just how much ECHO means to us and to other families like ours. Together we are going to change the lives of many families and fund more research. If we just change one heart, one mind at a time, we’ll get where we need to be.”

Brian Higuera, President, ECHO

Pin Donation Levels

ECHO Membership Gifts

We are also encouraging monthly giving with a new membership pin for gifts of $10 a month or greater, or the equivalent of $120/US (about €110). This will allow all Kannaway Entrepreneurs to show their ECHO pride.

ECHO Hero Gifts

ECHO Hero Donors commit to annual gifts of $1,000 or greater. Hero donors receive a Hero Pin, an ECHO t-shirt and are acknowledged in our annual donor report.

ECHO Humanitarian Donors

Donors who support ECHO Connection with a gift of $10,000 or greater will be awarded an annual ECHO Humanitarian Pin.