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ECHO: Your Opportunity
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ECHO ‘s vision is to educate, empower, and provide support to individuals and families seeking the beneficial properties of cannabidiol (CBD) and ultimately, improve the lives of their loved ones.

How Does ECHO Help?

Founded on the principles of Education, Collaboration, and Hope, ECHO provides a safe, convenient, and informative way for families to explore CBD.

With the various misconceptions that still surround CBD, ECHO is committed to spreading awareness and making sure you have access to our extensive library of studies, as well as our network of CBD-friendly physicians.

Plus, we at ECHO even offer CBD product donations and financial assistance to families in need. Whether you’re simply exploring your options or looking to help a loved one, we’re here to help.

“With a common goal of improving the quality and accessibility of CBD, we are proud to partner with ECHO, an organization that recently donated nearly $1 million in life-changing CBD products. With your donation, you will be an integral part of that mission.”

Blake Schroeder CEO, Kannaway

“I’ve made giving my life’s work and there are few opportunities to give that have the impact of ECHO. Cannabinoids truly give life back to families, and by supporting ECHO you can give someone out there that exact gift. If you believe in Kannaway’s mission, you already believe in ECHO.”

Andrea Barnes President, ECHO

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