Corp Connect

LIVE: Get the latest updatees from HQ & celebrate the success of your fellow brand ambassadors!


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When: May 17, 2021 at 11am PDT

How to Watch: Streamed live here at

Host: Stephen Jones Kannaway President


  • Latest Company Announcements and News
  • Brand Ambassador Recognition


    We invite you to join us for our Corp Connect!

    Kannaway’s Corp Connect is a call broadcasted once a month in which Blake Schroeder, Kannaway CEO, Stephen Jones, Kannaway President, and oftentimes special guests walk you through all the latest exciting developments at Kannaway.

    Corp Connect is an opportunity to hear about Kannaway updates, announcements, and news that you should be aware of to move your business forward. Kannaway Executives will discuss recognition, what's next for our Evolve fitness and nutrition program, new tools to help your business grow, and much more!

    It’s also a wonderful opportunity to put aside all other activities for a short period and completely immerse yourself in why you’re a part of Kannaway in the first place. By bringing together a community of other entrepreneurs, all dedicated to bettering the world through cannabis, these monthly live calls allow you to refocus on your goals and recommit to your future.