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Let’s celebrate YOU!

Remember the moment when you made the life-changing decision to start your entrepreneurial journey with Kannaway? You boldly chose to take the leap -- to rely on yourself to build a successful business.

Not everyone can do what you do: build a successful venture through your own determination and skill, with a little help from your team.

Each day, thousands of you from around the world take the next step forward as part of a global movement.

It’s not always easy, but through this movement to drive positive global change, we all have accomplishments we’re proud of.

Day in and day out, you help people become healthier and happier. You nurture their development into more skillful entrepreneurs. You build a life for yourself full of growth and meaning.

At Kannaway Celebrate, we’ll come together to commemorate that moment where you said, “I can do this!”... and all your efforts and triumphs since.

Join us live on April 17th to celebrate your success and the accomplishments of the global entrepreneurial community of Kannaway.

See you there!

Featured Speakers

Blake Schroeder

CEO, Kannaway

Incredible Brand Ambassadors
from Around the World


"Leaders are born at these events. That was definitely the case with us. At [our first Kannaway event] we made a decision that took us to where we are today."

- Roland Sonnleitner

International Director
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