Action Group Bonus

We are proud to recognize our Action Group Bonus Qualifiers:

Entrepreneurs who are taking massive action to share our products and opportunity with new Entrepreneurs and Customers. You are pushing the movement forward!

August 2021 Qualifiers

Listed in Order of Highest Achievement

  1. Alexsandra Mirador
  2. San Diego Home Stay
    Patricia Tan
    Edelma Barlolong
    Sheryl Po
    Marco Ruiz
  3. Rogelio Agarma
  4. David   Daniel Enterprise LLC
    Antonio Marfa
    Arwinnah Bautista
    Canaan Investment Group
  5. Jaynet Abel
  6. Fe Esperanza Lumalu
    Ester Sousa

  2. Janos  Hegyi 
  3. Sandra Dias Alves
    KNNW PC Beta
  4. Joana Valhelhas
  5. Leivy Castro
    Jorge Farfan
    Marissa Luza
  7. Svetlana Zagrebelnaya
  8. Streamline Management Services Inc
  9. Joana Cavaco
  10. João Catarino
  11. Plant Hemp
  12. Melanie Hiel
    Birgit Joni

Group Action Bonus qualifiers receive a share of bonus compensation, paid in addition to the Minimum Income Guarantee.

"Recognizing that achieving our mission relies on the success of our Entrepreneurs, Kannaway has initiated unparalleled rewards and incentives to applaud top performers, from thrilling trips and unforgettable exclusive events to luxurious prize incentives."

- Blake Schroeder
CEO, Kannaway

How to Qualify for the Action Group Bonus

To qualify for the Action Group Bonus and earn your share of the group bonus, you must meet these requirements:

  • Generate 2250 BV in New Enrollment or New Customer volume*
  • The more New Enrollment or New Customer volume you generate, the greater share of the bonus you will earn.
  • You must be an active Kannaway Entrepreneur located in the United States, Europe or Mexico markets.

    *New Customer volume = only the first order placed by a new customer will be counted.
    New Enrolment volume = only the first order placed by a new enroller at time of registration will be counted.

Congratulations to our Entrepreneurs who take massive action!