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Your Latest Achievement in Social Responsibility

Mar 26, 2021 Your Latest Achievement in Social Responsibility

You did it again!

As a Kannaway Brand Ambassador, you’ve seen first-hand the powerful positive impact that you can have on people’s lives by sharing the benefits of CBD. It’s for that reason that we’re so proud to partner with you to create access to hemp and its cannabinoids across the globe.

To improve the availability of CBD, we’ve got to build widespread confidence in the safety and efficacy of CBD for supporting wellness. Today, we’re proud to share that you’ve helped do just that!

The initial findings of a Kannaway-sponsored observational research study on the safety of hemp CBD, which many of you generously participated in, were released this week, and they were very positive!

This important clinical study was conducted by ValidCare and sponsored by Kannaway and some additional members of the US Hemp Roundtable. After examining the safety of hemp CBD over seven months, the researchers reported that “preliminary findings show no evidence of liver disease in the 839 participants and no increase in the prevalence of elevated liver function tests when compared to a population with a similar incidence of medical conditions.”

We know you’re just as committed to expanding access to CBD, which is why we were not surprised that you answered our recruitment call for the study! Hundreds of Kannaway Brand Ambassadors and customers applied to be study participants, and those who were accepted consumed daily servings of Kannaway Pure Gold 1500 mg and voluntarily recorded their experience in the ValidCare Virtual Study™ app. They also provided a blood sample at a local blood lab.

Why is this study particularly important? It could make a direct impact on the accessibility of CBD in the U.S.! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the middle of deciding how to regulate the sale of hemp-derived CBD, and last year asked for the submission of science-based data. Then this study was commissioned, and you stepped up!

These overwhelmingly successful preliminary findings reaffirm the safety of daily servings of hemp CBD. You should be encouraged that the data you helped collect provides FDA and other regulatory agencies with the certainty necessary to implement regulations that are based on relevant science.

“These study results help support the work that we’ve been doing in Mexico and Brazil to study CBD’s safety and efficacy,” said Dr. Stuart Titus, Kannaway Founder. “We hope to continue to participate in similar future studies so that the world can continue to have expanded access to high-quality botanical products.”

You can click here to read even more about the preliminary results of Validcare’s CBD liver safety study.

Want to further help us advance access to CBD? The US Hemp Roundtable has followed up on the preliminary results by setting up an online portal that allows you to quickly email your U.S. Representative and encourage them to support HR 841 (Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2021), which would further protect legal access of hemp-derived CBD products as dietary supplements.

We hope you’re just as proud as we are to have collaborated with Validcare and the other US Hemp Authority members on this CBD safety study and are committed to advancing CBD science! Thank you for helping make this important research happen, and for supporting the advancement of CBD access.

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