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Your Holiday Hemp Gift Guide

Nov 16, 2021 Your Holiday Hemp Gift Guide

It’s the season for gratitude – the season we all look forward to the most. Where friends, family and neighbors come together and give thanks to each other for continuous support, kindness and friendship.  We also show our gratitude with a gift – and this year we want to help you choose which hemp gifts to give this holiday.


The Active One

Prioritizes their fitness and health – eating and drinking to live their best active life.  Pure Gold is the ‘go-to’ for many sports athletes, with the reassurance of non-detectable levels of THC.  Pure Gold liquid delivers 33 mg of CBD per serving that can help the Active One reach new heights and support recovery.


The Beginner

Do you know someone that has always wanted to experience the benefits of CBD but they’re confused about where to start? Give them a helping hand with the highly popular Pure Gold Soft Gels – ideal for adding a consistent 25 mg CBD serving in just seconds each day.


The Pampered One

Taking time out to pamper yourself is a lesson we could all do with, especially at this time of the year – the Pamper Person knows this already! But do they know about our Cannabis Beauty Defined range of skincare products yet? This CBD beauty product line includes Burdock & Hemp Cleanser, Licorice & Hemp Exfoliator, Green Tea & Hemp Perfecting Mask, White Peony & Hemp Serum and Ginseng & Hemp Moisturizer.   Cannabis Beauty Defined is ideal for anyone looking for more youthful feeling skin and a comforting pampering experience.


The Party Person

‘Tis the season for the party person and we have the perfect present for those burning the candle at both ends with Kannaway Boost. Created to ignite your body’s natural immunity to powerfully protect your health and wellbeing. Proimmune®’s Immune Formulation 200® and Vitamin D, to help supercharge your system’s first-line response to immuno-compromising invaders and stress.


The Traveler

Taking care of your health and wellbeing while travelling can be challenging. Our CBD range includes items that are convenient and can be dropped into a travel bag to help maintain your daily hemp regime with our CBD Mints, Core Protein sachets, and Pure Gold Soft Gels.



We’ve turned back to nature over the past decade, and in particular over the past 18 months following these turbulent times that threatened our health and wellbeing. The hemp revolution is well and truly happening. We have put together two very special packs for our Hemp lovers which big savings and our best products.

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