What Makes CBD a Superstar Cannabinoid?

Jan 23, 2020 What Makes CBD a Superstar Cannabinoid?

Known for its unique versatility, cannabis produces a variety of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, many of which have not been detected in any other plant. Researchers estimate that there are 100+ cannabinoids, 200+ terpenoids and 20+ flavonoids found in cannabis. When the plant is consumed, cannabinoids bind to receptor sites throughout our brain receptors (CB-1) and body receptors (CB-2).

But, one cannabinoid has managed to stand out among the rest in recent years—cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of the most prominent cannabinoid molecules in cannabis and has become increasingly popular as an ingredient in natural food supplements, offering a wide array of potential effects that can be beneficial for the body and mind. Scientists are even looking into the possibility of wider applications of CBD in the near future.

Since CBD does not have psychoactive properties, it’s no wonder it has become the unsung hero of cannabis. But, as with most things, quality makes all the difference. That’s why the team here at Kannaway is steadfast in ensuring all of your CBD products contain only the highest quality CBD on the market.

Kannaway has historically recommended 50 mg of CBD per day for overall health and wellness. This process allows us to create a cannabinoid-dense CBD oil that can be used safely by everyone to supplement their diet and stimulate their endocannabinoid systems.

Be sure to check out Kannaway’s suite of CBD products available in our Online Store.

Our top picks include the Pure Gold Liquid, which provides the advantages of our broad spectrum hemp oil and includes 1500 mg of CBD, as well as three Enriched Hemp Oil Applicators, which feature signature terpene and cannabinoid-packed full spectrum formulas.

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