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We are the Movement: Our Refreshed Brand

May 12, 2021 We are the Movement: Our Refreshed Brand

You may start to notice things are changing at Kannaway. We are excited to roll out updates and improvements that will help you create a more impactful and successful business.

We are proud to announce the launch of refreshed branding as part of our effort to better capture the purpose that we are all working to achieve together. We are proud of our innovative history as The World’s Premier Cannabis Company, with all the things that we have accomplished alongside our powerful community of Entrepreneurs, and we’re fully focused on an even more impactful future. 

Starting today, you’ll see refreshed aspects of our brand coming to life.

Our Tagline

The World’s Premier Cannabis Company

Kannaway is The World’s Premier Cannabis Company. We’re the first to deliver legal cannabis products across U.S. state lines and international borders, making cannabidiol and other beneficial cannabinoids available to people all over the world. Year after year, we lead the way in breaking down these barriers, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to drive positive change across the globe.

Entrepreneurs, look out for the upcoming business opportunity program The Entrepreneurial Revolution, which supports upcoming programs that we can't give away the details about just yet!

Purpose, Vision, and Values  

We’re also proud to announce our new Purpose, Vision, and Values, which combine to form our philosophy at Kannaway.

Purpose: We are the movement committed to taking action and driving positive global change.

Our purpose is why we do what we do at Kannaway.

Vision: Hemp in Every Home.

Our vision is the future outcome that we will create.

Values: Clarity, Action, Relationships, Accountability, and Social Responsibility

Our values are the guiding principles we will use as we work toward our purpose and vision.

An Updated Title that Better Reflects Your Impact

We pride ourselves in our deep partnership with you, which is why we worked to update the “Brand Ambassador” title with one that better speaks to the incredible creativity, passion, vision, and dedication you display and acknowledges your drive for making your business a success.

Starting today, your title with Kannaway is:

Entrepreneur (E)

This new title is more befitting of your entrepreneurial journey with Kannaway.

Update to the Kannaway Logo

We are so excited to unveil a new sleek take on our established logo! This modern look represents our approach of being clear in our commitment to bring positive change around the world, while simultaneously maintaining our timeless identity.

Our new logo, the Entrepreneur title, tagline, and purpose, vision, and values illuminate our dedication to taking action and driving positive global change.

Thank you to all the Entrepreneurs, partners, and team members who contributed to this new direction. This is just the beginning - we have a lot of exciting things planned as we look forward to the future!

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