Valerie Aloisio Featured Speaker at Kannaway Academy Event in Anaheim

Sep 11, 2019 Valerie Aloisio Featured Speaker at Kannaway Academy Event in Anaheim

From acquiring new skills to learning all about the latest industry trends, Kannaway events are indispensable to your CBD business. 

The first-ever Kannaway Academy we are hosting this October will provide you with the opportunity for Kannaway Brand Ambassadors (BAs) to hear all about the latest scientific advancements in cannabinoids and listen to more than a dozen keynote speakers, ranging from top Kannaway executives to Crown Ambassador Elite – Valerie Aloisio. 

Valerie has been a wellness advocate and entrepreneur for more than 30 years, often appearing as a guest speaker at events throughout the US and Europe to discuss the historical and cultural importance of hemp. 

Valerie began her journey at Kannaway as a BA, ultimately reaching the rank of Crown Ambassador Elite, which requires achieving a minimum of $1 million in monthly sales. Since joining Kannaway, Valerie makes it a priority to regularly attend national and regional Kannaway events, participate in and host weekly webinars, and network with her fellow BAs

The upcoming Kannaway Academy is your chance to meet Valerie and learn from like-minded experts about how cannabis will help shape the future. We hope you will join us this October in Anaheim!

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