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The Key Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

May 21, 2020 The Key Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

All CBD oil products from Kannaway are made from hemp. But are hemp, cannabis, and marijuana one and the same?

It’s not uncommon to hear people using the terms “hemp” and “marijuana” interchangeably. However, when comparing the two plants side-by-side, it’s important to note a few key differences, especially if you’re considering them for health and wellness.

In this post, we’ll discuss the difference between hemp and marijuana, including how the two plants differ in THC levels, how they are grown, legality, and more.

Hemp and marijuana are both members of the Cannabis sativa L. plant species. However, just this does not mean they have the same levels of cannabinoid concentrations. Hemp and marijuana feature very different concentrations of common cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. In the United States, cannabis with a concentration of less than 0.3% THC by weight is legally considered hemp, while cannabis with a concentration of 0.3% or higher is considered marijuana. 

Agricultural hemp is a tall, almost bamboo-like plant with a strong stalk that grows close together in dense fields. Marijuana has been cultivated to grow in shorter, bushy plants, which are kept far apart during cultivation to create the best yields. 

Hemp and marijuana must also be grown using different techniques and in different environments to produce the best possible crop. Commercial marijuana is typically grown indoors, allowing the growing conditions to be monitored very closely in order to optimize growth. Although you can find THC throughout the plant, it is the flowers or “buds” that are harvested for recreational marijuana.

Contrastingly, while several measures are taken to try to optimize the concentration of THC in marijuana plants, our hemp is cultivated as naturally as possible. 

Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, hemp cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of hemp and hemp products have been legal in the U.S. This means that it is legal to purchase and use CBD products made from hemp. Prior to that, hemp products from outside the U.S. were legal to import. 

Marijuana, on the other hand, is still federally illegal in the U.S. However, it is legal to use marijuana in certain parts of the country thanks to state-level legal medical and recreational marijuana laws.

Our European CBD oil comes from Certified Hemp Seed, which verifies that our CBD is coming from hemp and not marijuana. One of the key aspects that separates the quality of our CBD oil from the rest is our hemp, which has been grown by expert cultivators in the Netherlands for decades. In comparison, domestically grown hemp crops have only been legally available for commercial use since 2018. While the new U.S. hemp agriculture continues to progress, it currently does not match our European hemp in terms of quality and consistency, crop after crop.

As the first company to create and distribute hemp CBD products in the United States, Kannaway knows what it takes to craft high-quality CBD products, made from non-intoxicating hemp.

All our products are held to our strict quality standards. Each and every product is Triple Lab Tested®, ensuring that they have been tested to be safe and reliable. 

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