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TBF by Kannaway - Premium Quality Products for your Four-Legged Best Friend!

Sep 1, 2020 TBF by Kannaway - Premium Quality Products for your Four-Legged Best Friend!

Every pet owner knows that there is no delicacy or treat they would refuse their beloved four-legged companion.

At Kannaway, we care a lot for our beloved pets, and that’s why we partnered with the industry leader TBF to bring you this quality product line consisting of 3 Premium Dog feed options:

Pet Food – TBF by Kannaway
The new Pet Food line includes TBF best-selling Super Premium feeds, now available for Kannaway Brand Ambassadors – and their pets:

• Beef & Rice 3kg
• Lamb & Rice 3kg
• Junior Complex 3kg

The combination of a quality manufacture process and quality ingredients create a Super Premium feed that not only meets the parameters but really works.

And that’s exactly what TBF by Kannaway is, tasty, nutritious and functional, delivering “your best four-legged friend” nutritionally everything it needs.

But that’s not all! To help you support your pet’s well-being, we will soon be launching 4 brand-new complementary products for your dog: TBF by Kannaway Pet Supplements... and a Pet Gold!, a CBD product dedicated to your four-legged companion!

We will expand the TBF by Kannaway pet products line by adding the new products and bulk packs in September - so stay tuned and make sure you follow our Social Media, Kannaway Weekly newsletter & Kannaway blog for more news!

Kannaway Joins Forces with TBF

Whilst Kannaway Brand Ambassadors gain access to premium pet food & supplements, TBF distributors will join Kannaway's structure to take advantage of our unique hemp-derived CBD products and to grow their businesses within the expanding Kannaway family. Let's give them a warm welcome, and learn a little bit more about TBF:

After extensive research by veterinarians, scientists and breeders Innovative TBF products have been created with the aim of providing a comprehensive dog food that will help our “best four-legged friends” live a better, and therefore longer, happier life.

Thanks to the unique combination of research and the latest innovations in just over a year TBF has become the #1 choice among tens of thousands of dog owners across the whole of Europe.

Kannaway is proud to partner with TBF to bring these premium pet products to the range. It was a natural choice to create a unique combination of pet products and introduce them to the world as TBF by Kannaway.

And while the composition of TBF by Kannaway products is created primarily to help your four-legged pet achieve maximum health and an optimal way of living, Kannaway's unique business model will offer TBF distributors the opportunity to achieve financial success and freedom!

Transitioning Your Dog Onto New Food

Introducing new food into your best friend's diet doesn't have to be stressful at all! When done gradually and under supervision, the transition can be a smooth & pleasant experience for your dog - and for you alike! To learn more on how to introduce TBF by Kannaway Pet Food into your dog's daily routine, read our latest blog post:


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