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Take our Focus Assessment in Preparation for the Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event

Jan 19, 2021 Take our Focus Assessment in Preparation for the Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event

Time and energy are precious but limited resources. If you wish to create a happy, fulfilled, and successful life, you must focus on what is important to you. That’s why, in preparation of the Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event, we’ve launched our interactive Kannaway Focus Assessment!

The Kannaway Focus Assessment will pose a series of questions. Based on your answers, it will suggest what your focus should be for 2021.

[Take the Kannaway Focus Assessment]

Rather than getting distracted by what is important to others, our new Kannaway Focus Assessment will help you dial in on what should be your number one priority as you take on 2021 and work to achieve your health, professional life, or personal life goals.

The Kannaway Focus Assessment is meant to be a thought-provoking tool to help you modify your actions, attitude, time and energy so that they align with your main focus in 2021. We all dealt with a whirlpool of distractions last year. This year, we hope to encourage the entire Kannaway community to reevaluate their priorities and make a fresh start by shutting out unnecessary distractions and dialing in on what really matters.

Take the Kannaway Focus Assessment now so that you can have this priority focus in mind as you participate in our upcoming Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event on Saturday, January 23rd at 9 am. And be sure to share it with your team members, prospects, and event guests!

You can take the Kannaway Focus Assessment here, and sign up for updates and announcements on our first major virtual event of the year by visiting our Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event page.

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