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Take Action NOW to achieve April’s BUILDER’S BONUS

Apr 7, 2022 Take Action NOW to achieve April’s BUILDER’S BONUS

As you know, Spring is the best time to expand your business, as your potential Team Members are now more eager to go out, network, and try out new opportunities. Especially now, with the pandemic loosening its grip over Europe, and with big in-person events finally possible almost everywhere, the first warm months of 2022 can truly become a turning point for your Kannaway Enterprise. Tap into this business opportunity in April and earn a one-time BUILDER’S BONUS.

How does it work? It’s simple[CM1] :

1. Personally sponsor 3 new Entrepreneurs by the end of the month, with a minimum total combined volume of 1000 BV*

2. Earn extra 200 USD [CM2] (183 EUR) in the month of May*

* Tip: try to spread evenly as only up to 60% qualifying BV can come from the biggest leg. The bonus is paid on top of all other bonuses (except the MIG).

Learn all about the BUILDER’S BONUS during today’s webinar, where Kannaway VP of US, Europe & Product Development Peter Verdegem back to back with Juraj Mojzis will explain how to best utilize this business-building incentive:

21:00 CEST

Remember that not only is the $200 bonus earned on top of the Direct Selling Commissions, but also encourages strengthening your business with even bigger future benefits by building solid foundation of your hemp enterprise! So do not hesitate, as the best time to act is NOW!

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