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Simplified Enrollment and Customer Checkout

Sep 8, 2021 Simplified Enrollment and Customer Checkout

It cannot be overestimated just how important the first impression can be – especially in sales!

At Kannaway, we are aware of that, so we’ve decided to simplify and streamline the enrolment flow for new Entrepreneurs. In addition to that, we’ve also simplified the checkout process for Customers, so anyone becoming a part of your business for the first time can do so quickly and easily.

Taking your first steps in the Kannaway journey has never been easier!

Keep reading to learn all about the new, simplified Enrolment and Customer checkout processes.


The new version of Enrolment for new Entrepreneurs has been simplified and streamlined in line with one of Kannaway’s key values – Clarity.

When you enroll a new Entrepreneur into Kannaway, you’ll notice:
• The number of steps needed to complete the enrolment has been minimized
• Each step is simpler
• A clear summary of the initial order is now visible during the whole process

The result is a significantly improved experience that is as smooth, transparent, and easy to complete!

New Enrolment Process:
Enrolment is the process that new candidates complete on to officially join Kannaway.

After hitting the Enroll Now button on your replicated page, or on the Kannaway homepage, the process of signing up a new Entrepreneur can be now completed in just a few minutes:

Step 1: Pick your Value Pack
Start your Kannaway business on the right foot by creating your initial order. The best way to start is with one of our Value Packs which offer carefully products at a special welcome price, and to position you to start building your enterprise quickly from day one.

Step 2: Complete your order, and create your first SmartShip order
Here, you can add any other products you are interested in to complete your initial order. You can also set up a SmartShip order to have selected products delivered to you automatically every month.

Step 3: Add your information
In this step, you’ll provide your shipping, billing and contact information to complete your account.

Step 4: Review & Complete
In this final step, you have the chance to review your order and the information to make sure everything is correct.

And that’s it! Hit the PAY & JOIN KANNAWAY button to begin your entrepreneurial journey!

For a detailed breakthrough of the new enrolment flow, watch our step-by-step video:


New Customer Checkout

Alongside the Enrolment Flow for new Entrepreneurs, we have also significantly simplified the checkout process for new Customers.

Following a standard ecommerce experience, customers can now add products to their carts, and complete their checkout without going through the enrollment process.

Step 1: Shopping Cart
In the first step of the customer checkout process, you’ll have the opportunity to review the products in your cart for today’s order, and your SmartShip order if you chose to create one. You can also set up a SmartShip here in this step. Finally, if you’re eligible for any rewards, like discounts, you’ll have the opportunity to activate them here.

Step 2: Add your information to check out and create an account
On this page, you can finish your order by entering your billing, shipping, and contact information. If you already have an account, you can log in easily from this page. If not, you are able to set up a password to complete your account.

Step 3: Summary
In this step, you will be able to review your today’s order as well as your SmartShip order (if you’ve chosen to set up one). If everything looks good, click “Pay” to complete your order.

That’s it, your order will be shipped out very soon!

For a detailed breakthrough of the new checkout process, watch our step-by-step video:

Now, when you have new customers or Entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming a part of your business, it’s quick and easy to complete the process online. We look forward to seeing your businesses grow more quickly as a result!

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