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September 2021 Recognition

Oct 11, 2021 September 2021 Recognition

We look forward to this every single month: the opportunity to recognize those of you who successfully took your business in Kannaway to the next level! Your relentless commitment to succeeding in entrepreneurship and improving the world through cannabis and bringing hemp to every home continues to inspire.

Every month during Recognition, we absolutely love seeing the names of people from across the globe who are growing and advancing.

Kannaway is a team, so we ask that you join with us in congratulating and celebrating our Rank Advancers, Top Business Builders, and Team Elite members from around the world for September!

Rank Advancements

Success isn't always easy. The journey to the top is filled with unique opportunities, experiences, and challenges. From the rank of Manager to Double Crown Ambassador, we love seeing you take your first steps with Kannaway and gradually climb through the ranks.

For some of you, the latest rank advancement is a culmination of months of progress in building your businesses. Others of you have generated so much momentum in your businesses that you are quickly rising through the ranks, month after month. On either path, reaching a new rank is an amazing accomplishment.

You drive real positive change in the world by helping people improve their health with the highest quality hemp cannabinoid products, and by helping others build financial prosperity. Because of this, we are honored to recognize those of you around the world who reached new ranks last month.


Every great journey, whether large or small, starts the same way; with someone taking the first few steps and starting on their own path. With the achievement of Manager, you’ve reached your first milestone in Kannaway!
Warmest congratulations to those who advanced to Manager in the month of September 2021!

Akiko Kobayashi

Andres Ismael Torres Gonzalez

Bára Moravcová

Barsilia Gonzalez Astorga

Blanca Irene Hernandez Garza

CBD Gold Madeira

Denisa Rybarova

DM Massage / Velvaer Vangen

Dorte Meling

Edgar Macias Lopez

Flor Gabriela Espinosa Arango

Georg Gärtner

Jan Zedníček

Jonas Egger

Juraj Herdel

Katou Naoko

Kristi Marie Anderson

Matt Barker

Melitta Herling

Michael Kofler

Mimi Miura

Nozomi Motoyoshi

Pavel Ševčík

Perla Sanchez Najera

Petra Rajtrová

Richard Knabl

Susana Rodríguez Ramírez

Vanessa Superchi



Joining the ranks of Director means you’re clearly on the right track to building a successful personal business in Kannaway.
We’re thrilled to congratulate those who advanced to Director in the month of September 2021!

Almendra Robles

CBD do Centro

David Hall

Ibolya Tóthné

Itsuko Jo

Joni Michelle Van Horn

Kaori Tanaka

Keiko Kiminami

Kizzy Yazmin de la Pena Rodriguez

Marina Susekov

Martina Egger

Naoko Toyooka

Natalie Fromm

Reinhard Kobler

Steve Loughlin

Wojciech Szymański

Wolfgang Hoffmann


Senior Director

Reaching the rank of Senior Director is worthy of celebration, because it means you are taking the necessary steps, like enrolling in SmartShip and attending events, to lay the groundwork for a successful long-term business in Kannaway!
Congratulations to those who advanced to Senior Director in the month of September 2021!

Andreia Polido

Benjie Benas

Elizabeth Montero

Gladys Noemi Hiramatsu

Hiromi Sugai


Ing. Pavel Vávra

Iori Okuda

Kenji Izumi

Kimiyo Mizowaki

Kouji Sato

Kurumi Kawahara

Manami Hamabe

Manami Hamabe

Maria Barabas

Masanori Nagayama


Pavel Vávra

Peter Petronczki

Rui Vieira


Executive Director

When you advance to Executive Director, you are well on your way to reaching Kannaway’s top ranks!
Please join us in applauding those who advanced to Executive Director in the month of September 2021!

Akiko Yamamoto

Botica Lisboa

Christian Joshua Maligat

Dale Jones

Don Murphy

Ecre.H.CBD Shop

Eiko Hirose

Frank Sousa

Fukushima Michi

Hideko Isoe

Kanto CBD Shop

Kayoko Suzuki

Kazuya Shiotsuka

Keiko Sato

Kumiko Hikino

Linda A. Sandi

Maki Takahashi

Marietta Geronimo

Maya Yonemoto

Michiko Wada

Mika Shinohara

Nao Murao

Osamu Sasaki

Reo Okubo

Richard Brown

Sachiko Furukawa

Sachiyo Kobayashi

Satoko Yoshioka

Tomoko Isomura

Tomoko Sakamoto

Tomomi Imamura

Toshinori Sato


Yuri Nishiguchi

Ирина Журавич


Area Director

By climbing to Area Director, you have successfully tripled your growth in the past month!
Amazing job to those who advanced to Area Director in the month of September 2021!

Almaida E. Marcos

Ayano Yonemoto

Canaan Investment Group

Craig Ward

Ester Sousa

Japan1 CBD Shop

Masanori Murao

Masuo Sawada

Miki Chaen

Noriko Okubo

Planet Hemp

Priscilla Retuta Brown

Takako Watanabe

Tomoko Fukui


Regional Director

Advancing to Regional Director means you have dialed in on the hard work and persistent motivation that it takes to progress further and further up the ranks of Kannaway!
Our heartfelt congratulations to new Regional Directors for September 2021!

Saana Takagi


Top Business Builders

Advancing rank in Kannaway is important, but there are other business-building activities that are necessary to successfully take your business to a new level.

We at Kannaway feel these activities are well worthy of recognition! That’s why, every month, we are honored to applaud those of you who led an extremely talented global field in 4 Top Business Builder categories: Top Enroller, Top Customer Enroller, SmartShip Builder, and FastStart Maker.

If you’re recognized for these top Business Builder categories, you receive a Kannaway-branded eco-friendly bracelet to showcase on your wrist, as well as a Certificate and Letter from Kannaway to celebrate your achievement!

Top Enrollers

Being named Top Enroller is an extraordinary achievement, as it means that over the month you led the global field in enrolling the most new Kannaway Entrepreneurs and with the highest quantity of Business Volume (BV)!

Growing your team by enrolling new Entrepreneurs is key to building a successful business in Kannaway, and these Entrepreneurs led the way in September 2021:

1st place

Craig Ward

2nd place

Almaida E. Marcos

3rd place

Masuo Sawada

Top customer Enrollers

Those of you who are named Top Customer Enroller have every reason to feel proud, as you led the global field in enrolling the most Retail and Preferred Customers and with the highest quantity of Business Volume (BV).

Every new customer is someone introduced to the life-changing benefits of Kannaway hemp products, and these Entrepreneurs deserve to celebrate for leading the way in September 2021:

1st place

Karolina Matyja

2nd place

Tomasz Haluszka

3rd place


SmartShip Builders

SmartShip serves as the foundational bedrock of an unbreakable successful business in Kannaway, and it should be included in everyone that you enroll in Kannaway.

Those recognized as SmartShip Builders work hard to convey to their team the powerful impact of committing to regular deliveries of cannabinoids. We’re proud to recognize those who led the field for September 2021 in having the most Entrepreneurs and customers who are actively enrolled in SmartShip:

1st place


2nd place

Rising Sun, Inc

3rd place

Muna Elias

4th place

Hanf im Glück

5th place

Connie Ehrlin

FastStart Maker

At Kannaway, one of our primary goals is to help you achieve financial prosperity. So, we want to recognize those of you who are conveying to your team the importance of achieving FastStart Qualification, which provides the opportunity to earn additional commissions and puts teams on the quickest and most direct path toward success.

So, every month we’re thrilled to applaud our FastStart Makers, who led the field in having the most personally-sponsored Entrepreneurs that qualified for FastStart. Congratulations to those who achieved FastStart Maker recognition for September 2021:

1st place (Tie)


Almaida E. Marcos

Team Elite

Team Elite applauds top Entrepreneurs who go above and beyond to achieve long-term excellence! You too can earn the honor of becoming a part of Team Elite by achieving a rank of Regional Director or higher, and maintain their highest achieved rank over time.
Achievement over the long haul is hard work, and earning a place on Team Elite means that you have the self-discipline to stay focused on reaching your goals, the gumption to stick with a plan, and the tenacity to overcome obstacles to continuously reach heights of success.
We’re thrilled to recognize members of Team Elite for September 2021:

Randy & Samantha Schroeder - Crown Ambassador Elite

CBD Shop Alabama - Regional Director Elite

Arlene Meade - National Director Elite

CBD Shop New York - National Director Elite

MDI International Inc - Regional Director Elite

Sandra Dias Alves - Regional Director Elite

Saana Takagi - Regional Director Elite


A big congratulations to all of our amazing Entrepreneurs for your achievements made last month! Keep up the great work, Kannaway community!

If you too are interested in reaching Kannaway’s highest ranks and leading in business-building activities, we have training tools and marketing materials available to support you. You have the opportunity to gain value above and beyond products sold and money earned, and we are committed to supporting you in your journey to developing into the best version of yourselves through educational seminars, interactive events, and training sessions.

Our News Feed and Facebook account are also useful tools for keeping up with Kannaway announcements, business-building opportunities, initiatives, and marketing resources.

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