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See what we have lined-up for you in San Diego, May 14 & 15

Apr 30, 2022 See what we have lined-up for you in San Diego, May 14 & 15

We wanted to share with you the incredible speaker line-up and what you can expect to see, hear and experience at the Kannaway Regional Event in San Diego, May 14 & 15. 



It was great to meet other colleagues [on the City Tour] and a really good opportunity to bring guests to let them get an idea of what Kannaway is and what it stands for.”   -- Bente Gronlund, Area Director



Where in the world?

We have chosen San Diego as the host country for our Regional event.  If you haven’t visited San Diego before, you’re missing out! The city is located on the Pacific coast of California, known for its beaches, parks and warm climate – but more significantly, it’s the birthplace of Kannaway!


Why should I attend the Kannaway Regional event?

Events are the backbone of your Kannaway business. The Kannaway Regional event is a two-day event full of content-rich, business-focussed sessions, with additional invitation-only leadership training session, to help each and every attendee achieve the very best for themselves.


Come along with some guests so they can enjoy this exciting two-day event and introduce them to the Kannaway hemp revolution!


Spend time surrounded by people who are as energized and supportive of your success as you are. You’ll be learning the latest breakthroughs in science regarding cannabis, cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. Meet and spend time with people growing with Kannaway, who will share their success tips with you.


Hear from Top Speakers

Blake Schroeder, Kannaway CEO

Dr. Stuart Titus, Kannaway Founder & CBD Expert

Dr. Peter Verdegem, Kannaway VP of US, Europe & Product Development

Lennon Ledbetter, Kannaway VP of Sales


You’ll also hear from top Kannaway Leaders:


Randy Schroeder, Crown Ambassador Elite

Samantha Schroeder, Crown Ambassador Elite

Valerie Aloisio, Team Elite

Bill & Sue Wilkinson, Team Elite

Rommel Hernandez, National Director



“Well run, brilliantly presented and full of inspiration. I’m excited about the future! It [City Tour event] gave me the motivation to re-engage 100% with my business and start building up my team again.” – Melanie Smith, United Kingdom



Kannaway product exclusives just for you!

We can’t reveal too much, but we have some very exciting products available exclusively for attendees in San Diego in the Kannaway on-site store – so be sure to leave some space in your luggage!


Your journey is determined by the sum of the choices you make – so choose to invest in yourself first and take control of your future! Come along to the Kannaway Regional Event in May 2022 and let’s celebrate your success together in person!


Be bold, be a learner, be a business builder and take action now!





Introducing The Hemp Revolution weekly webinar!


You’re invited to join Dr. Peter Verdegem, Kannaway’s VP of US, Europe & Product Development and his special guests, every week as we build up to the Kannaway Regional Event in San Diego on May 14 & 15 and beyond.


Invite your prospects to join you on the webinar to hear about Kannaway’s hemp revolution and how they can get involved and start a business of their own.  Every week, Peter will also choose a person at random to receive a Jr. Executive Pack (no BV) worth $499! Gather your team and guests and join the call.


Peter and his guests will be providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to maximize your potential and take your business to the next level. From maximizing announcements, building your team at events, understanding how the key event speakers can help you pivot and Peter and his guest will introduce the business opportunity live each week – you can be certain to be set up for success at the Regional Event in San Diego and into the future!



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