Save Big on Kannaway Pure CBD Liquid 2 oz

Feb 20, 2020 Save Big on Kannaway Pure CBD Liquid 2 oz

Great news to share!

We have decided to drop the price on our bestselling Pure CBD Liquid 2 oz bottle from $84.99 (55 BV) to just $54.99 (40 BV). That’s right— a 35 percent price drop with the same great quality product! 

Pure CBD Liquid is a great choice for anyone looking for a CBD-only blend that invigorates your system while promoting balance and overall wellness.

Formulated with CBD isolate that delivers all the benefits of hemp oil with the reassurance of non-detectable levels of THC, each 2 oz bottle of Pure CBD Liquid contains 500 mg of CBD combined with MCT oil, derived from sustainably sourced coconut oil. Plus, the dropper makes it easy to add to smoothies or other foods and beverages.

Shop our online store now to stock up on Kannaway’s Pure CBD Liquid and encourage your customers to do the same!

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