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Sample Program Discontinued

Aug 6, 2021 Sample Program Discontinued

Please note that the Sample Program has been discontinued: the individual Sample Packs and Sample Credits are no longer available for sale. If you have outstanding sample credits and use them, your sample will be shipped with a 1oz. bottle of Kannaway Pure Gold (250mg of CBD) and a Travel Salve.


You may have noticed a recent change in the contents of our Professional and Premium Value Packs.

These Value Packs no longer contain Sample Packs, and instead now contain an additional 1oz. bottle of Kannaway Pure Gold, with 250mg of CBD.

Value Packs are the ideal way to get the Entrepreneurs that you enroll into Kannaway off to the right start in their business, giving them experience with as many Kannaway products as possible, and helping them to build the initial inventory in their businesses, all at a great introductory price.

Full details about Kannaway’s Professional and Premium Value Packs are below:

Premium Value Pack - Enrollment Price: $2,499 - 2,100 BV (84% ratio)

This Value Pack Includes:

      (2) Premium Hemp Oil - Oral Applicator

      (2) Gold Premium Hemp Oil - Oral Applicator

      (2) Pure Gold 2000 mg

      (2) Premium Hemp Oil Liquid

      (2) Pure CBD 2500 mg

      (1) Pure CBD 500 mg

      (1) Pure CBD Capsules

      (2) Pure CBG Liquid

      (2) Pure CBN Liquid

      (1) Pure CBN Gel Caps

      (1) Pure Gold 250 mg

      (1) Pure Gold Soft Gels

      (1) Premium Hemp Oil Capsules

      (1) Salve 500 mg

      (1) Travel Salve (10 Pack)

      (1) CBD Mints

      (1) Core Hemp Protein (Chocolate Mousse)

      (1) Core Hemp Protein (Vanilla Creme Brulee)

      (1) Boost Immune Support

      (1) Spark Energy & Metabolism Booster

      (1) Red Rooibos Herbal Tea

      (1) Burdock & Hemp Cleanser

      (1) Licorice & Hemp Exfoliator

      (1) Green Tea & Hemp Perfecting Mask

      (1) White Peony & Hemp Serum

      (1) Ginseng & Hemp Moisturizer


Professional Value Pack - Enrollment Price: $999 - 650 BV (65% ratio)

This Value Pack includes:

      1x Gold Premium Oil Applicator

      2x Premium Hemp Oil Applicator

      1x Premium Hemp Oil Capsules

      1x Pure CBD Capsules

      2x Pure Gold 2000mg

      1x Pure Gold Soft Gels

      2x Salve

      2x Travel Salve 10-Pack

      3x Pure Gold 250mg

      2x Pure CBN Liquid

      2x Pure CBG

      2x Pure CBD 2500mg 1oz

Value Packs are only available during enrollment. 

Questions? Contact our Support Team at or +1 858 500 3144. Visit our News page to stay up on all the latest updates from Kannaway.

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