Product Spotlight: Kannaway® Gold Premium Hemp Oil Applicator

Feb 21, 2020 Product Spotlight: Kannaway® Gold Premium Hemp Oil Applicator

At Kannaway®, our vision is to pave the way for a line of cannabinoid wellness products that promote a healthy body and mind. A standout product that has been instrumental in the lives of many of our K-Sports athletes has been the best-selling Kannaway® Gold Premium Hemp Oil Applicator.

Formulated with full spectrum, filtered CBD hemp oil, our Gold Premium Hemp Oil is extracted from the hemp plant and packaged pure with no other ingredients or additives. Each 15-gram tube contains 30 servings for a month’s worth of daily CBD. 

Kannaway® Gold Premium Hemp Oil Applicator is also our highest potency product, providing 120 mg of CBD per serving and 3600 mg of CBD per tube. This hemp oil is also decarboxylated to maximize CBD content and put through an additional filtration process to remove the hemp oil’s excess waxes, chlorophyll, and plant material, giving the oil its golden color and refined taste.

After hearing stories from customers around the world about how this one-of-a-kind applicator has become an asset to their daily wellness routine, we have no intention of slowing down our product development efforts. 

In fact, as we grow and expand our product line, we will go to whatever lengths to see that the needs of our customers are met and continue to push the lengths for satisfaction and nutritional value.

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