Product Spotlight: Get to Know Kannaway Core Protein

Mar 2, 2021 Product Spotlight: Get to Know Kannaway Core Protein

Today, we’re pleased to offer a closer look at our groundbreaking new Kannaway Core Luxury Hemp Protein Powder. Kannaway Core is one of the five revolutionary wellness products that come as part of our Evolve Bundle.

Evolve is Kannaway’s completely unique 8-week fitness program, led by internationally-renowned Certified Nutritionist Dan Miller. Our new Kannaway Core hemp protein shake is designed to support those who join us in Evolve, but can be a highly beneficial addition to anybody’s everyday wellness regimen.

Join us as we get to know Kannaway Core. We’ll offer an in-depth look into its carefully-considered ingredients and unmatched benefits, and offer some insight into how to best add it into your day-to-day life.

What is Kannaway Core Protein?

Kannaway Core is a revolutionary new luxury hemp-based protein powder that makes a wonderful base for a nutritious smoothie or shake. It comes in two delicious flavor options -- Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Creme Brulee -- and dissolves easily with water or non-dairy milk. However, with its mild, only lightly sweetened flavor, it’s also very versatile and can be added to baked goods and mixed into pancakes.

Kannaway Core is vegan, meaning it does not include any animal products like dairy, eggs or honey. Because it’s made with hemp, one of nature’s best sources for plant-based protein, it also aligns with all types of diets, from vegetarian and Keto to Paleo.

Kannaway Core is made with a blend of two forms of hemp:

  1. Hemp protein isolate
  2. Super finely ground whole hemp hearts

Added to this unique hemp superfood mix is prebiotic fiber to feed and nourish the friendly bacteria that naturally exist in your gut.

Each box of Kannaway Core contains 28 individually-wrapped, single-serving sachets, which are perfect for grab-and-go use while also helping ensure you get the right amount of hemp protein powder every time. They’re also great for sharing Kannaway Core with your friends, family, and others in your community!

Each serving of this high-quality, vegan protein contains an impressive 15 grams of protein, while at the same time carrying only a minimal 110 calories. Kannaway Core is free of allergenic ingredients like dairy, wheat, and soy, and is naturally sweetened with a small amount of coconut sugar and stevia for a delightful, yet not overpowering, flavor.

What are the Benefits of Kannaway Core?

Kannaway Core can be a valuable ultra-healthy stack for filling in the gaps between meals, or as a meal replacement when single-ingredient plant-based and animal foods are unavailable. Packed within this luxury hemp protein are essential nutrients that can help you on your journey to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Carefully-Considered Hemp Formula

Kannaway Core is crafted with a fully balanced formula of two carefully selected forms of hemp. Hemp hearts were chosen because they’re the most nutritious part of the hemp seed. Hemp protein isolate is the most purified and easy-to-digest form of hemp protein. Together, they’re a superfood mix, packed with valuable nutrients.

Complete Protein

Hemp features a complete protein profile, meaning it delivers all nine essential amino acids that humans must get from food because the body is unable to synthesize them on its own. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which helps assist your body in building and repairing while also increasing satiety. Because hemp protein is also highly digestible, your body is able to use nearly all of the amino acids for important processes like tissue repair and maintenance.

Essential Fatty Acids

The finely ground hemp hearts found in Kannaway Core, used as a valuable nutritional source for thousands of years, are also an incredible source of healthy essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are important for proper development and functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Support for a Healthy Digestive System

Prebiotic fiber has been added to Kannaway Core to give healthy gut microbes something to eat, while also helping you feel fuller even longer. Our gut bacteria thrive on prebiotic fiber, and help to make the digestive system work better.

Aligns With Most Diets

As a plant-based protein powder, Kannaway Core aligns with nearly every specialized diet plan out there. Whether you follow a vegan or vegetarian plan or a more strict diet like Keto, Kannaway Core can be a friendly way to add important nutrients to your eating plan.

Versatile Protein Powder

Kannaway Core is purposely crafted to have a mild flavor. With only a lite flavor, the hemp protein is more versatile. In addition to being a tasty shake when mixed with water or non-dairy milk, it can also be used in baking recipes or blended into pancake batter.

How to Use Kannaway Core

Kannaway Core can be used as either a nutritious snack between meals or as a meal replacement. It’s important to point out that, as with all of our Evolve products, Kannaway Core protein is not meant to be considered a silver bullet or magic pill. Instead, our Kannaway Core is meant to support you as you follow the food principle of the Evolve program.

While Kannaway Core can support a weight loss journey, it’s really beneficial for anyone interested in nourishing their body with valuable nutrients. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, build muscle, or simply evolve toward longevity and health, Kannaway Core provides beneficial nutrients that can help your body run at its best.

To use Kannaway Core:

  1. Open an individual sachet of Kannaway Core.
  2. Use a Kannaway Shaker Bottle or a spoon to mix the Kannaway Core Hemp Protein with 6-12 ounces of water or plant-based milk. If you prefer more or less water or milk, adjust accordingly.
  3. Add fresh fruit (optional).

Both the Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Creme Brulee flavors of Kannaway Core have a more subtle taste, which means you can add your own favorite fruits without the protein being too overpowering. Have fun with your own concoctions!

Dan Miller’s favorite way to enjoy Kannaway Core? He mixes one or two sachets with water and fresh raspberries!

Get Started with Kannaway Core Protein

Start incorporating the long list of nutrients of hemp protein into your daily eating routine with Kannaway Core, available now in both Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Creme Brulee flavors. Can’t decide? You can get a package of each with our Core Shake Duo and our complete Evolve Bundle.

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