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Product of the Month May: Pure Gold+

May 1, 2022 Product of the Month May: Pure Gold+

Each month, we have been highlighting a different product from Kannaway’s wide portfolio of hemp products by publishing an informative, easy to share video provided by our VP of Product Development – and we’ll be also pairing it with an exciting, limited-time promotion! 


For the month of May we’re excited to put our Pure Gold+ in the spotlight – containing the highest level amount of CBD in our Gold range of products.


Watch this introduction to Pure Gold+ by Kannaway’s Vice President of Product Development, Dr. Peter Verdegem.



Keep reading to learn more about our Pure Gold+, perhaps the most sought-after product at Kannaway. We’ll cover the all-natural ingredients that make up the Pure Gold+, why it’s beneficial to add it to your everyday wellness routine, and how it compares to other types of CBD products out there.




What Are the Benefits of Pure Gold?

Cannabinoids like CBD support the performance of your endocannabinoid system, one of the body’s major regulatory systems that keeps a long list of functions balanced.


Besides the natural balancing benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, the hemp oil in Pure Gold also presents a valuable spectrum of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and other nutrients that nourish your body.


How Pure Gold Works

Kannaway Pure Gold is expertly formulated to ensure that CBD and the many other beneficial organic compounds found in hemp oil are efficiently delivered to your body’s systems.


Once CBD and other hemp-derived cannabinoids are absorbed into your body, they interact with cannabinoid receptors found in cells throughout the body. This interaction stimulates your body’s endocannabinoid system, supporting its efforts to keep your systems balanced and running optimally.


The Ultimate All-Natural Botanical Extract

Since our inception, we have become the gold standard for direct marketing hemp oil companies in the industry, offering a diverse range of CBD hemp oil products to customers around the world. Through focused and diligent research, Kannaway has perfected many of its techniques, technologies, and quality control measures to bring you only the best and most effective CBD supplements available on the market.


No Measurable Amounts of THC

Kannaway Pure Gold+ is an ideal choice of CBD product for anyone who prefers to avoid even the trace amounts of THC found in hemp oil. The broad-spectrum hemp oil used to make Pure Gold has undergone a proprietary filtration process to remove the detectable amounts of THC, presenting the benefits of hemp oil in a form that everyone can feel comfortable with.


Get Started with Pure Gold+

If the benefits and advantages of broad-spectrum hemp oil and MCT oil sound right for you, get started with Pure Gold+ 2000 mg today! It also comes in a smaller bottles with lower potency, Pure Gold 250 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg. that’s perfect for on-the-go use or adding small servings of hemp oil to your system throughout the day. 




Be sure to regularly check in to our News Feed to stay on top of the latest updates at Kannaway, including events, education, business-building resources, and more. 

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