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Product of the Month June: Hemp+ Vape Calm

Jun 1, 2022 Product of the Month June: Hemp+ Vape Calm

Each month, we have been highlighting a different product from Kannaway’s wide portfolio of cannabis products. As pioneers of the Cannabis Industry, Kannaway are committed to the continuous development of premium quality, Triple Lab Tested™ cannabis products and making them accessible to everyone. 


For the month of June we’re excited to put our Hemp+ Vape Calm in the spotlight – one of the quickest and easiest ways to take your CBD.


During the first week of June, you can try the Hemp+ Vape Calm and enjoy a 10% discount off the price and BV*. This offer lasts until June 7th, but first take a few minutes to learn some more about this incredible product.


Watch this introduction to Hemp+ Vape Calm by Kannaway’s Vice President of Product Development, Dr. Peter Verdegem.




Keep reading to learn more about our Hemp+ Vape Calm, why it’s beneficial and convenient and to vape.


*The 10% discount off the price of Kannaway Hemp+ Vape Calm promotion runs from June 1suntil June 7th OR while supplies last. This promotion is available to Customers and Entrepreneurs in US only. There are no limits to how many you can buy.  The promotion is subject to change or amendment at any time.




Why is Vaping CBD better?

Many people prefer to use a vape to take their CBD.  Vapes have the highest bioavailability rate, which means the CBD absorbs into your bloodstream quicker than by any other method.


ü Broad spectrum CBD

ü Fast benefits

ü Easy to use, rechargeable & discreet

ü Triple Lab Tested


Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Our broad-spectrum hemp oil liquid also contains nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other plant-derived compounds that support your health. Contains all of the same beneficial compounds as a full-spectrum hemp oil product, except for trace amounts of THC. 


Kannaway Hemp+ Vape Calm is an ideal choice of CBD product for anyone looking for the perfect way to wind down after a long day. The broad-spectrum hemp oil used to in all our Hemp+ Vape Calm has undergone a proprietary filtration process to remove the detectable amounts of THC, presenting the benefits of hemp oil in a form that everyone can feel comfortable with.


Fast Benefits

Within just a few minutes, the CBD will enter the bloodstream through your lungs, meaning that you start to benefit even quicker.


Easy To Use

The Hemp+ Vape Calm is a disposable cannabis vaporizer with a slim and elegant design, plus there’s no mess or hassle. With its V-shape oil tank, you can be sure that every drop of oil will be consumed.


You can expect around 250 puffs per Vape pen. To use, simply place the mouthpiece in your mouth and gently inhale.  The Hemp+ Vape Calm’s power-save feature will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.


Our stylish Vape pens are rechargeable and discreet for your convenience when you’re on the go.


Demand Premium Quality

It’s important to purchase your CBD vape from a reputable brand that are tested by independent, third-party labs. This testing process ensures that your product does not contain harmful ingredients and chemicals, toxins, solvents etc.


Kannaway provides its customers with our quality promise that our oils are traced from Soil to Sale and are Triple Lab Tested, ensuring that only the most premium product is delivered to our customers. 


What is CBD?

Explained simply, cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known, is a natural botanical concentrate, which is found in a class of diverse compounds called cannabinoids. These compounds are derived from both the stalk and seed of cannabis plants. Kannaway’s CBD comes from industrial hemp, and our flagship source is our incredible 5th generation hemp farm in Europe. More than 100 cannabinoids have been identified so far in the hemp plant, and CBD is one of the most commonly known.


Why CBD?

Cannabinoids like CBD support the performance of your endocannabinoid system, one of the body’s major regulatory systems that keeps a long list of functions balanced.


Besides the natural balancing benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, the hemp oil also presents a valuable spectrum of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and other nutrients that nourish your body.




Be sure to regularly check in to our News Feed to stay on top of the latest updates at Kannaway, including events, education, business-building resources, and more.

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