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Product of the Month April: Pure CBN

Apr 1, 2022 Product of the Month April: Pure CBN

This month we are putting the spotlight on the Kannaway Pure CBN that comes from the hemp plant and interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. If you're longing to wake up energized after a night of deep, refreshing sleep, you'll want to learn about and take advantage of CBN.


Watch this introduction to Pure CBN by Kannaway’s Vice President of Product Development, Dr. Peter Verdegem.



What are CBN Products?

Kannaway’s CBN products, Pure CBN Liquid and Pure CBN Gel Capsules, are made with isolated, hemp-derived cannabinol (CBN). Isolated CBN is made from the same all-natural hemp oil as our full-spectrum products, but then undergoes a proprietary filtration process that filters out plant material, waxes, chlorophyll, and more. The end result is a pure crystalline that contains only the CBN chemical compound, extracted from the hemp plant and refined down to an incredible purity.


Pure CBN Liquid combines this isolated CBN with sustainably-sourced medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, an incredible source of essential fatty acids that helps naturally enhance bioavailability. It’s packaged in a 1-ounce bottle with a handy dropper top, and delivers roughly 30 servings of 10 mg of CBN each.


Pure CBN Gel Capsules also combine isolated CBN and MCT oil, but are presented in a convenient gel capsule form. They come in a 30-pack, with each gel capsule containing 20 mg of pure CBN.


What are the Benefits of CBN Products?

Kannaway’s Pure CBN product line allows you to enjoy the natural health benefits of CBN, or cannabinol, the first cannabinoid ever identified by scientists. If you’re familiar with cannabis, you’re sure to have heard about its two most popular cannabinoids, CBD and THC. However, these are only two of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants like hemp.


CBN is a hemp cannabinoid that’s widely known as the “sleepy” cannabinoid because of its gentle sedative effects. While CBN is non-intoxicating, anecdotal evidence and some research findings suggest it helps naturally promote better sleep. In fact, research has shown it could be the most sedative of all cannabinoids.


When used in the evenings, CBN products can help naturally improve the quality and duration of the sleep you enjoy on a nightly basis. CBN also has a positive influence on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which in turn promotes homeostasis and systemic balance in the body to encourage overall better health.


How to Use CBN Products

The Pure CBN Liquid and Pure CBN Gel Capsules are designed to be used prior to bedtime to encourage a more restful night. This is because CBN may produce a mild amount of drowsiness.


To best use Pure CBN Liquid, after shaking the bottle well, place one dropper (1 ml) of liquid under your tongue and hold it there until fully absorbed. The cannabinoids will diffuse through the mucous membranes in the mouth, arriving at your body’s systems relatively quickly so they can start enacting their natural effects.


For Pure CBN Gel Capsules, you simply need to take 1 capsule with a swig of water at bedtime. Once you swallow your CBN-infused capsule, the cannabinoids are eventually absorbed and delivered to your body’s systems through digestion.


*The 15% discount off the price of Kannaway Pure CBN Capsules & Pure CBN Liquid promotion runs from 1st April until 7th April OR whilst supplies last. This promotion is available to Customers and Entrepreneurs in US only, and for regular store orders only (SmartShip not included). There are no limits to how many you can buy.  The promotion is subject to change or amendment at any time.


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