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Pack your bags, you’re going out!

Nov 8, 2021 Pack your bags, you’re going out!

There’s so much for you to look forward to when you come to the San Diego ’21 event on November 13th & 14th – we’re actually bursting to tell you everything now, but Blake told us to wait and not spoil the news!


BUT what we can share with you is that your generous CEO Blake Schroeder is hosting an evening reception on November 13th, between 6.30pm and 9.00pm.  Before you ask, there’s a cash bar and everyone that buys their ticket to San Diego ’21 is invited!  So, remember to pack your bags as you’re going out!


We can also let you in on the very special exclusive products that you’ll be able to purchase from the onsite store. These will NOT be available online, they are show exclusives – how exciting is this product line-up?


Vegan Chocolate with CBD Isolate

Hemp Seeds

CBD + CBG Roll-On for Muscle Relief

Hemp Straws


Make sure to pack some cash or credit card as you’ll only get the one chance to buy these limited edition products.


Remember that San Diego ‘21 is a limited capacity event, so if you don’t yet have your ticket, jump online now and secure your seat!  Be quick, there’s not many left.


Don’t get FOMO, get your ticket and join us in San Diego! Won’t you join us?


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