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NFL Pro Bowler John Alt Joins Kannaway Sports

Mar 2, 2019 NFL Pro Bowler John Alt Joins Kannaway Sports

Kansas City Chief and two time Pro Bowl offensive tackle John Alt is the newest athlete to join the Kannaway Sports team. Alt played in the NFL for 12 years as a Chief, from 1984-1996, and has been inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame. After retiring from the NFL, Alt began coaching offensive linemen at the high school level, sharing the experience of his over decade long NFL career.

The effects of his tenure in the NFL often keep Alt up at night, leaving him groggy the next day. He was introduced to CBD by friend and former teammate Nick Lowery, who suggested he try it. After learning more about CBD oil products, Alt was ready to give it a try, saying “It’s more natural than a lot of medications, so I felt better about putting it in my body.”

Alt began incorporating Kannaway CBD products into his routine to see how it would affect him day to day. He uses the Gold Premium Hemp Oil and the Premium Hemp Oil oral applicators in the morning and evening, respectively. Before bed, Alt takes Rev!ve PM and applies our salve to areas that have been bothering him during the day.

I sleep longer and more deeply and when I wake up, in the beginning of the day, I feel like I’m more alert and have a better sense of well being,” Alt says of his results. “The CBD Salve is the best topical I’ve ever used, and working together with the Rev!ve PM, I think it’s made a real difference in my sleep.”

CBD is absorbed by the body and interacts with the endocannabinoid system to regulate important functions like appetite and metabolism, sleep, immune response, and more, helping to improve overall well being.

What advice would Alt give anyone interested in trying CBD? “It’s not the same as marijuana,” he says. “It’s not for recreation: it’s for real life problems and has real benefits. It’s natural, so do some research and try it.”

You can find more Kannaway athletes and their testimonials here, or visit our news feed for the latest Kannaway updates.

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