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NFL Defensive Lineman Skip McClendon Joins Kannaway Sports

Mar 13, 2019 NFL Defensive Lineman Skip McClendon Joins Kannaway Sports

Kannaway is thrilled to welcome our latest athlete to the Kannaway Sports team, “Skip” McClendon. Kannaway Sports was developed to promote the use of hemp-derived CBD products from Kannaway as training and recovery tools for athletes of all levels.

Former professional American football player Kenneth Christopher "Skip" McClendon played as a defensive end in the NFL from 1987-1993. He was drafted out of Arizona State in the 3rd round by the Cincinnati Bengals. In just two years of being in the NFL, Skip lead his team to Super Bowl XXIII with the Cincinnati Bengals. Skip continued to play in the NFL for multiple teams, including the San Diego Chargers, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Indianapolis Colts.

The effects of his tenure in the NFL left him with lasting effects, which led to the use of prescriptions that often kept him up at night. Looking for an alternative to prescription medication, Skip turned to Kannaway. Skip began incorporating Kannaway CBD products into his routine to see how it would affect him day to day. He uses multiple products from the Kannaway line, such as our Salve, Gold and Premium Oral Applicators, and our Pure CBD Liquid.

“I was looking for alternatives to medications and stuff like that. I'm one of those people who was against the cannabis thing, but over time, my opinion has changed,” Skip told Kannaway “I have heard about CBD years ago and was always looking for a way to change up having to take medications, but it was hard to get at the time. Due to my time in the NFL and its effects on my body, I find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. I usually woke up feeling groggy and sluggish when I finally could fall asleep.”

Skip noticed a major difference after taking Kannaway products, including better sleep patterns and overall wellness. “There was a noticeable change when I first started taking the products. I feel like my body chemistry is better. I’m more relaxed than in the past and I’m sleeping better. My knees and shoulders feel better since I’ve been on it, and the fact that I’m even relaxed now is an improvement. I think it’s an overall improvement.”

What advice would Skip give anyone interested in trying CBD? “You know, first of all, what do you have to lose?” he says. “A lot of medications have adverse side effects and there’s nothing but positive results from this stuff. It’s a natural remedy, which to me is better than harsh medications, and it’s worth your while to try it.”

You can find more Kannaway athletes and their testimonials here, or visit our news feed for the latest Kannaway updates.

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