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New SmartShip page

Jan 13, 2022 New SmartShip page

As you know, SmartShip is the easy way to regularly receive your favourite Kannaway products and save 10% on the price of your order every single month. Providing a steady flow of BV points and a timely delivery of Kannaway most sought-after products, monthly SmartShip orders have become the foundation of hemp business for thousands of hard-working Kannaway Entrepreneurs.

But SmartShip can be more than that! The convenient monthly SmartShip orders are also available to Customers who want to make sure their favourite hemp products will be delivered to their doorstep every the same day every month.

And precisely with the Customers and Prospects in mind, we’ve created a brand-new educational SmartShip page. It has been designed with one goal in mind: to explain step-by-step how to set up their first monthly order, whilst highlighting the convenience, flexibility, and additional perks brought by joining the SmartShip programme.

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(the SmartShip page is only available to guests, to view the page make sure you have logged out of first)

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