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New Kannaway App

Jan 3, 2022 New Kannaway App

Manage and grow your business from anywhere, any time

Keep on the pulse of your business, no matter where you are. The Kannaway Mobile App keeps you connected and puts you in total control of your business management and performance with real-time information and alerts.

  • Track your business performance
  • Manage your prospects and track engagement
  • Access exclusive training and prospecting content
  • Share content with attribution to your personal website
  • Join LIVEstreams
  • Access your team’s group communication

TOTAL Performance

Get behind the wheel and drive your business performance with the Kannaway Mobile App. From prospecting new customers and team members, to enrolling then – everything can now be done through your mobile phone. Collaboration moves to the next level with your Team Access Code which your Team Leader will share with you – you’ll be able to get real-time Team updates and join LIVEstreams, no matter where you are!

TOTAL Management

If juggling contacts is a hassle for you, you’re going to love the new mobile app. Synchronize your contacts and add new contacts on-the-go, share content and see in real-time when they have engaged, and prioritize your ‘hot’ contacts. Use your business dashboard to identify business-building opportunities and manage your business activity.

TOTAL Control

Never miss a thing with your on-the-go business-building and management tool. The new Kannaway Mobile App puts you in the drivers seat of your usiness. Once you’ve used the app, you’ll never look back!

Live Mobile App Demo

You’re invited to tune in on Tuesday, January 4th

at 11 AM PST (8 PM CET) for a 30-minute demo of the new Mobile App with Kannaway VP of Sales, Lennon Ledbetter and Kannaway Senior Director of Operations, Justin Stephens.  Learn how to navigate your way around the app, take a delve into the new features and hear how you can use the app and its contents to help build your business.



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