Navigating Your Back Office - Sharing Your Referral Links

Jul 12, 2019

Referral links offer a new way for Kannaway Brand Ambassadors and Preferred Customers to share information that will lead to sales and enrollments. These referral links direct users to our social media pages, videos, and other company resources.

Aside from being able to quickly send information, anyone who clicks on these links is remembered by their browser. When they go to to make a purchase, the new account will automatically be registered under you as the person who sent the link.

On our FAQ page, you can find a comprehensive directory of Kannaway’s training videos. Watch our Referral Links- Sharing Your Referral Links video to learn more about our new referral links.

Be sure to visit our News Feed to stay current with the latest from Kannaway. We’ve also attached our updated User Guide for your reference.

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